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Nuther FNG to the group..

Discussion in 'Westside' started by ZX Kawboy, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. G'd evenin', all.

    Just thought I'd post a quick innerduction before I start posting elsewhere.
    Names are withheld to protect the innocent, but events are completely true...unless accompanied by beer. Lots of beer. Gotta have the beer.

    Anyway... I'm a mechanical engineer turned motorcycle mechanic, live in Lynnwood (wetside), and my bike is one seriously battered looking but mechanically sound bada$$ 96 GPZ1100. It's Black. It's ugly. It's fast. And it's mine. I call it Behemoth (and trust's earned the name..bwaha)

    If you're in need of tools, time, or help with a wrench, I'm available most weekends...if plans are made in advance. If no plans, no ZX....ZX is out and about, doin' his own thing.

    I'm up for weekend rides, work early shifts, so afternoons are pretty good too. Feel free to hit me up...

  2. welcome: go post some pics up of the Behemoth!!

  3. Just as soon as I can get my digicam working, I'm all over it...maybe. :thefinge:

    Heres my previous ride....85 GPZ900R "Belladonna"... She was a bad girl, but much fun..

    And THIS was a ZX6 tranny that torqued me bigtime...
  4. I edited your post, just changed the URL tags to IMG tags so we can see the pics...

    Nice GPZ aka the brother of the Ninja I remember so well. I like how they [Kawi] still uses those turn signals then and now :mrgreen:
  5. Welcome ZX... be sure to post on the "beer" thread in the off-topic forum! :evil4: