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Nw meet and cruise

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by the humble kid, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. NWCRUISE Meet
    sept 15th 2012

    NWCRUISE sept 15th meet!

    Details of the meet
    When: sept, 15 2012
    Where to meet: tacoma Mall
    Where to go: Ocean Shores
    Who is invited: EVERYONE. INVITE OTHER FORUMS!!!

    im trying to get a cruise of everything going. i already have 50 cars going and some motorcycles. im trying to just have a big event, we will be recording and photo shoot so bring cameras.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2012
  2. Keep bumping, Still a lot more time before it happens so i have no idea what my plans are.

  3. its cool. im just giving people time so its not a last minute thing for most.
  4. Wow. How big are the serials going to be?
  5. Gonna be difficult. Lots of other events going on the same date. Car and motorcycle events alike.
  6. Going to be busy all day at rtd with the event that is happening over there.
  7. if i do not work that in!!!!!!!!
  8. Tons of cars + motorcycles down south = a good time for a Neah Bay ride
  9. thanks for who are trying to go. also if you can inform your friends who would like to cruise with us that would be great. the more the better
  10. This is my birthday, I will not be operating any motor vehicles after about 9 am.
  11. and wtf does it say 2010 for?
  12. I'm down weather permitting. Hit me up wit time to meet at mall.
  13. it says in post 830am meet and heading out 930am hope theirs gonna be a big crowd
  14. good luck guys. take plenty of photos!

    i pretty much quit riding this summer and i may get out of the game completely in the near future. ill either go track only or just stick with cars.
  15. well we got cars goin too an u live in U.P. where i live so u can make it lol
  16. how about a chevy avalanche? :mrgreen:
  17. come on with that avalanche lol gotta go lol
  18. so I'm down to go 830am at the tacoma mall right? what part?
  19. where you in one of the cars? if not you didn't even show up to the event....
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