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oak grove rider down Motorcycle and pickup involved in serious crash in Oak Grove

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by bwboley, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. I live near there and heard all of the sirens and knew something bad had happened and then lifeflight flew over the house . I went up to Safeway and watched lifeflight land . I could also see that the rider was awake and it looked like he was gonna make it . Brought back alot of still fresh memories of laying on the pavement in pain waiting for Lifeflight and hopeing I'd make it .

    The area where this happened is a really bad area . There are so many driveways in that stretch of road and people are switching lanes all the time . Not the place I want to be on a motorcycle during rush hour traffic AND keep in mind we have alot of OLD people that live out here and they do drive :roll: Most of them shouldn't . The old fart that turned in front of the bike was 84 years old . Hopefully they make him retake his DL test and he fails the eye test and they yank his DL .

    You local peeps should take River Road during rush hour :secret:. Be safe out there .
  2. ^^^Not only is it safer and more scenic, it's literally faster than taking 99E!!!
  3. northbound lanes of Highway 99-E, when a 2010 Honda motorcycle going south on the highway switched lanes, accelerated, and crashed into the passenger side of the Honda.
  4. I hope for a full recovery. I hate that stretch midday. River road x3, it's more fun anyways!
  5. I know. I was thinking the same thing but waiting for more info.
  6. More like he had been in the far right lane and the car in front of him slowed to trun right onto Silver leaf rd and he signaled and went into the left lane to get around the car and the old man in the green Honda turned left in front of him . I was at the accident site and saw the aftermath and it wasn't really hard to see what had happened . Silver leaf runs between Burger king and Safeway . That whole area has a huge ammount of crazy traffic . Just from Oak Grove blvd to Silver Leaf rd there is 6 driveways going in and out of the shops on the southbound lanes and 8 on the other side . It's not even a 1/4 of a mile long stretch . You got people trying to go all over the place and during rush hour it's madness . Add in the brain dead old people and the idiots texting or on their phone and it's really NO place I'd want to be traveling on a motorcycle let alone in my Jeep .

    I've always thought Silver leaf rd should just be blocked off from hwy99 and the only access would be from east ave . Theres 4 other driveways just to get into the shopping center parking lot :roll: .
  7. And debunking crap reporting like this is why I keep a camera running...
  8. It was me driving the cbr1k that got crunched. Speed was low 30-40 mph, but I still got hurt bad. I am still here, and recovering. River road would have been better.
  9. Glad you're still around to talk about it.
  10. I never did say thanks, Stringcheese. Sorry for that. last few months have been rough on me. I am recovering. The main issue with my body has been might right index finger, which I still do not have full motion in. But other than this I am mending well. My gear saved my life.

    The accident shook me up a lot, and my wfe even more. At first I was beinged charged with some misdemeanors, and blamed for the accident. The police offficer waitied until i was concious to come give me the citation in person. Witnesses claimed that the accident was my fault, and that sport bikers drive crazy. And that I was driving like a maniac, etc.

    Good thing I have video =). Video shows way different story than what witnesses told police. Like night and day different stories. I am working with lawyers etc., to make sure my rights are protected etc.

    My adivce to you all, pay the few green backs for a go-pro, mount one perma on your bike, and just run it everytime you ride. Video is powerfull testimony.
  11. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    Wow... sounds like having video is really saving you from shit witnesses/accident analysis. Keep us posted on what comes of this... and I hope you make a full recovery!
  12. Sean , It takes a bit of time to heal up from smashing into a car at speed . Give it time and just keep working that index finger . Buy a squirt gun and just shot things around the house . That should be some cheap physical therapy ....... maybe some pictures of the old dude that cut ya off for targets :evil4::mfclap: .

    I have to say that your crash when I went up there to see the aftermath REALLY made me want to quit riding . I had the same thing happen out on Beavercreek road on 1May2011 and I'm still dealing with physical issues but the mental ones can be pretty tuff .

    You will get through this but be prepared to take little steps when getting back on another bike . That is if your wife will let ya ! My wife is kinda OK with it ( she says ) but I can see the worry in her eyes when I get on my bike to go ride . It's a fucked felling and I feel selfish for still riding but I've always been on 2 wheels since I can remember . Nothing in life gives me that "get away from it all feeling" that a motorcycle does .

    If ya need anything give me a hollar , Bruce
  13. You're welcome. Very glad you had video and I agree with Chevy ^^. If you do decide to climb back on a bike the mental stuff is tougher than the physical. I had a pretty good off a couple weeks ago and am mostly healed now after meeting a couple trees, but I drove up to where I wrecked last weekend and after looking at it I almost lost my lunch. I love to ride, but I know the first few times I'm next on 2 wheels will be difficult.
  14. Jeff, I went through there twice on Sunday and still can't figure out what went awry.

    OP I hope you haven't lost your joy for riding and your wife will still let you. I am sure you do not want to post details here as there are ongoing criminal and civil issues, however I (and I am sure others) am very interested to here about the outcome in light of your video evidence. So please keep us updated when things come to a conclusion.
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  15. That's exactly why I bought mine. Everything else I do with it is just a bonus. But that was the main selling point for a go pro to me. I commute everyday on the bike and have had more close ones with blind cagers in the few months I've been riding than I have all the years I've been driving.
  16. what Matt and Jeff said...

    the mental "injury" takes longer to rehab.

    < ribs healed in about 2 months , was 6 months before I even got on the bike again. was 12-18 months before the "little voice" quited down...

    (and it was just a nothing, 30 mph low side)


    glad youre ok man.

    stay safe.