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OBR ADV Gear - 2016

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Obrianmcc, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. With another successful year behind us OBR ADV Gear is even more excited for 2016. Our mission is to continue to provide functional, reliable, and competitively priced dual sport soft luggage that is both designed and manufactured right here in the USA! .... Meridian Idaho to be more specific!

    So, as your getting ready for your next 2016 adventure .... swing by our website and give us a look and shoot us an email with any questions you might have [email protected]

    OBR ADV Gear
  2. Who are we and what is my story ...

    Hi, my name is Mike and I've lived and worked in the Boise/Meridian Idaho area for approx. 22+ yrs. bringing with me a passion for anything outdoors, and Southern Idaho seems to be a mecca for such obsessions. Having decades of experience on bicycles/Mt Bikes, I was introduced to motorcycles around 1999 and I quickly realized the ability to cover great distances once a motor was placed between my two wheels. With this new found freedom, I continued to refine my riding skills, both in the desert and mountains of Idaho. I soon realized that by throwing a plate on my bike (along with the other implements to make my bike DOT compliant) I was able to plot out routes and loops through some of the more vast and remote country our state has to offer.

    Short afternoon rides turned into long day rides, then day rides turn into overnight and multi-day adventures, which then required more gear. Already having a background within the recreational outdoor industry, I started making my own soft touring luggage bags which leads me to where we are today .... welcome to OBR ADV Gear. Hopefully, some of our gear management solutions will be a fit for your next adventure.


  3. So why buy OBR ... well we can start with reason #1 as we have it posted on our website ....

    OBR ADV Gear products are designed by riders for riders. We are committed to providing quality products that exude function, reliability, versatility, and affordability. All OBR ADV Products are manufactured in the USA.

    By not importing our product we are able to support US business, maintain tight control over product QC, work hands on with our manufacturer, and launch new product ideas into our market faster and more efficiently.

    We are excited to be part of the growing Adventure/Enduro Touring market and we hope that OBR ADV Gear will be your choice of soft gear for your next adventure.
  4. Why buy OBR reason #3 ... As a extension of reason #2 ... Everything we make is designed and manufactured locally here in Meridian Idaho. What we don't do is design our product and then off shore it to some far away land. In fact each and every order (some in their entirety) are in some way, shape, and form touched by my hands ... For batch work I do utilize a few local sewing contractors that I have personally selected based on their work quality. It is imperative that every hand that is used to produce an OBR item maintains the level of quality expected from each and every OBR ADV Gear product!

  5. Why buy OBR reason #4 ....

    Our Guarantee-

    We at OBR ADV Gear are not 100% satisfied unless you are 100% satisfied.

    If for any reason upon receipt of your OBR ADV Gear product you’re not fully satisfied, OBR ADV Gear will offer a full refund upon the return of the item in a new unused condition (Shipping excluded). If we are at fault and the reason for the return, we will be glad to cover the shipping.

    OBR ADV Gear offers a 3yr (from the date of purchase) Materials and Workmanship Warranty. This warranty will cover all materials, seams, zippers, straps, and original hardware from any defects caused by the manufacture of the product.

    Warranty Exclusions – Normal Wear and Tear, Excessive UV Damage causing fading and/or deterioration, abnormal use and/or neglect, damage caused by the packing of non-ordinary items, any alterations.

    Proof of purchase will be required to facilitate a warranty repair/replacement. Your original invoice is your proof of purchase and should be retained in case of a warranty request.
  6. Why buy OBR reason #5 ...

    Discounted Crash Replacement-

    We understand that all adventures can also be subject to mishap. With that we at OBR ADV Gear offer a crash replacement option for all products sold by OBR ADV Gear. Our modular system allows us to repair/replace individual components as needed. Should one of these mishaps occur, contact OBR via email including “crash replacement” in the subject line. Include in your email a full description of the damage that occurred along with pictures, and your personal information. OBR ADV Gear will respond with a quote for the replacement. A payment invoice will be sent upon confirmation/acceptance of the quote. Replacement piece will be shipped upon payment confirmation and return of the damaged item.

    (Return of damaged component is required to qualify for crash replacement and before shipment of replacement component)
  7. Oh yeah ..... did I mention the OBR ADV Gear products are ...

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  8. Why you should buy OBR ADV Gear reason #6 .... super competitive pricing!

    Currently I have chosen to set up and operate OBR ADV Gear as a B to C (Business to Consumer direct) .... this model minimizes the levels of mark up as well as maintaining control over each and every order.

    Understanding that those hard earned $$$ are tougher to come by these days and don't stretch quite as far! .... we promise to always do our best to provide value, quality, and fair/competitive pricing....
  9. Product review ... Our first product to review will be our Enduro 3/4 Grip Mitt. The OBR ADV Gear Enduro 3/4 Grip Mitt is by far our best seller during the winter months, understandably as it's primary function is to help shield your hands and fingers from that warmth robbing wind .... other wise known as wind chill!


    I came up with the Grip Mitt during a cold winter ride on my ADV bike... about 10 miles from home I experienced that moment where all blood flow had drawn back from my fingers leaving only that familiar pain once it starts to flow back in during warm up. I tried the typical "elephant ear" type covers, which failed miserably ... they work "ok" off road, but on road they compound the problem by creating a negative air pocket behind the shield only to swirl the cold air I'm trying to get away from.

    My next approach was the current variation of the Grip Mitt. Creating more of a pocket to slide your hands into made more sense. Prototyping and testing confirmed that this approach was indeed more effective at controlling the cold air off of my hands. Some say "why not just use heaters?" ... my response is that I do indeed also have heaters for those colder days, but IMO heaters alone still do not combat the wind chill. They heat your palms, which is huge, but my finger tips still freeze. I have found that the Grip Mitts alone work well in temps ranging from 40-60 degrees. Over 60 degrees the Mitts come off ... below 40 degrees I use the Mitts in concert with my heaters with happy hands.


    The 3/4 designation is in reference to the current size of the mitt. I wanted the mitts to be as functional off road (Dual Sport, Enduro, Desert) as the are on road. The current dimension minimizes interference both standing and seated, and the open concept maintains visual of your controls.

    Spring is here with Winter pretty much in the rear view, however we might still have some chilly temps ahead. Whether it be those chilly spring morning commutes, chilly summer mornings at altitude, or dealing with inclement weather such as rain during a trip (the mitts work great at keeping your hands dry)... a set of OBR ADV Gear 3/4 Grip Mitts need to be in your future!

    The OBR ADV Gear Enduro ¾ Grip Mitt is your answer to cold fingers! Our ¾ open design terminates right at the wrist, but still offers full coverage of the hand while blocking the swirling air flow that freezes finger tips. Our ¾ open design does not cover important controls such as Hi/Lo Beam, Turn Indicator, or Kill Switches making this Grip Mitt perfect for both Off Road, Enduro, ADV, and ATV applications.


    • High strength and water resistant 1680d Ballistic Nylon construction
    • Adjustable Velcro Strap/Snap Attachment System
    • Reflective Front Strip for High Visibility
    • ¾ Open design provides full coverage of the hand while not impeding controls
    • Works with OEM and Full Shield (Cycra/Trackside) style hand guards (Hand guard system required for attachment)
    Contact us at [email protected] if you would like to order a set!



  10. Product review - Next up is the OBR ADV Gear Front Fender Bag. This is a utilitarian piece designed around basic function with a few features to address some of the short comings of existing fender bags on the market. One common complaint we heard frequently was the tendency of existing bags to work themselves loose and to sometimes completely become detached from the bike, which ultimately is a safety hazard. One common practice is to notch out your front fender creating insets for the flat hooks to settle into, but then if you remove the bag your fender is all hacked up!... another complaint was around the smaller coil zippers used in some bags. These smaller coils become contaminated with dirt, dust, and gunk fouling the zipper impeding proper function.


    To address the subject of the bags coming loose during a ride I implemented a set of marine grade button snaps along the bottom side of the OBR ADV Gear Fender Bag. The fender bag snaps into a corresponding set of snaps installed along the top center line of your fender and then secured via a set of compression straps and flat hooks. We have found that through extensive testing riding through desert whoops, mountain trails, and dual sporting we have never had a fender bag come loose! .... there was one time were I did not have the compression straps adjusted properly, which were loose, and the button snaps held the fender bag in place! ... Installation of the secondary snaps is not required for use of the fender bag, you can install via the compression straps like every other bag, but if you want the security of attachment the use of the secondary snaps is highly recommended. (Rivet on fender snaps are included with each fender bag purchase ... for those who do not want to use the rivet on snaps there is now an adhesive snap patch available through McMaster Carr as an alternate option, just peel and stick)


    To address the zipper coil complaints, we have spec'd in a larger #10 coil zipper. The #10 coil is robust in size and strength with a coil gauge being large enough that it is mostly unaffected by trail dust and grime maintaining proper function of the zipper. Nothing is worse than getting a flat and having your spare tube stuck in your fender bag with a zipper refusing to let go!

    Another added feature is slightly larger flat hooks. We've had bags before that had flat hooks that would barely fit over the lower lip of the front fender. Our flat hooks, while probably being a bit overkill in the strength department for a fender bag, have a larger hook area allowing proper engagement of the hook over thicker fender edges ... ie rear fenders, yep the fender bag can also be used on the back fender ... thanks to our larger hooks!

    During all of this our primary objective was to simply, safely, and effectively carry a spare tube on our fender ... and the OBR ADV Gear Front Fender Bag with an empty dimension of 6.5" x 11" will do just that whether it be a HD 21" front tube or a 18-19" rear tube ... they will fit!

    ***Some European fenders are now a two piece design with a molded support piece along the top possibly preventing the use of the rear snap ... this is ok. The system will still work if only one snap can be installed.

    -Product Description-

    Secure storage of a spare tube and tire irons is a must for any adventure. The OBR ADV Gear Fender Bag is constructed from a heavy duty PVC/Polyester fabric that secures tightly to any fender via standard heavy duty gutter hooks and also utilizes a unique double button snap system that eliminates any potential shifting of the fender bag over rough terrain.


    ·Rugged PVC coated polyester construction with high strength UV resistant nylon webbing

    ·Heavy duty #10 coil zipper

    ·Secure attachment with heavy duty gutter hooks and unique button snap retainment system

    Item # - OBR0001



  11. .... Make sure that when this happens you are prepared.


    OBR ADV Gear can help you out with our Fender Bag to store that spare tube, Tool Pouch to store your tire irons, and our Tool Roll to organize those extras ... getting you back on the road that much quicker!
  12. With Summer weather becoming more prevalent and the snow lines continuing to recede .... Adventure season is now upon us! ... which instills the need for higher capacity luggage. The OBR ADV Gear 38l Adventure Saddlebag System has been designed and tested extensively, not just on the road, but also on the trail to carry all of your needs for a multi day adventure. The mass centralization design of the 38l Adventure System helps to maintain a balanced center of gravity ... a critical factor in maintaining proper handling of your motorcycle.


    Our 38l Adventure System is a rackless concept design intended for Enduro class motorcycles and does not require any secondary rack supports. The saddlebags simply position over the rear portion of the saddle and secure via three individual attachment points. (some bikes might require heat shielding behind the side panels) This three point attachment system also facilitates quick and easy removal of the 38l system either at camp or back home.... Leave the forward straps in place to work with our 10l Enduro Saddlebag System for day trips or around town ...


    It's the journey, not so much the destination! ... Our DS trips are typically point to point with different destinations each night. The enjoyment is all of the in between. This is where we want to forget that we even have luggage on our bikes to focus on the road or trail in front of us and the spectacular views that we pass by. The shape of theOBR ADV Gear 38l Adventure System sits forward maintaining COG, but more importantly flows with the ergonomics of the rider. I personally find that my body never even comes into contact with the system during the days rides .... and that's riding from hard top to primitive two track where getting up out of the saddle repeatedly is required.



    The 38l Adventure System is difficult to put a measurement to since it is not a true box pattern that is intended to flow with the bikes side panels. Width is 8" whereas the height from the furthest top point to the lowest point measures 15" ... and the width along the reflective side strip measures 13".



    • Spacious capacity at approx 2300in3 (38L)
    • ·Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon construction with high strength UV resistant nylon webbing
    • ·Padded front/back panel provides additional bag structure and protection
    • ·Heavy duty #10 coil zipper with storm flap
    • ·One size fits all design with adjustable bridge straps
    • ·Reflective webbing for increased low light visibility
    • ·Includes 1 ea rear anchor strap to work with a rear cargo rack and 1 ea gutter hook anchor strap to work with bikes without a rear rack
    • ·Load centralizing design keeps load mass in tight to the bike and forward for better handling
    • ·Quick On/Off

    So, regardless if your gearing up for your next adventure or are looking to replace existing luggage .... check us out. We a quick email click away and will answer any questions that you might have!

    [email protected]
  13. So you're just starting to explore the world of light dual sporting and don't quite need a full 38l Saddlebag System just yet ... your adventures so far have been regulated by a days worth of daylight and only need enough capacity for a light jacket, lunch, maybe some tools and/or a tube.... or you're a trail rider just looking for a bit more carrying capacity again for those day rides .... then you need to check out the OBR ADV Gear 10l Saddlebag.
    This saddlebag was designed around you ... the rider. Pack up this 10l saddlebag and forget about it as it won't interfere with your riding at all. We've tested this bag over mountain trails, dusty roads, and desert sand whoops so deep they would eat a Volkswagon! ... with zero failures, and the bags always held position on the bike.

    .... and just like all of our reliable and affordable OBR ADV Gear, our 10l system is designed and manufactured in the good ole USA!


    · 600in3 (10L) Capacity

    · Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon construction with high strength UV resistant nylon webbing

    · Padded front/back panel provides additional bag structure and protection

    · Heavy duty #10 coil zipper with storm flap

    · One size fits all design with adjustable bridge straps

    · Quick On/Off

    · Reflective side webbing for increased low light visibility

    · Includes 1 ea rear anchor strap to work with a rear cargo rack and 1 ea gutter hook anchor strap to work with bikes without a rear rack

    · Load centralizing design keeps load mass in tight to the bike and forward for better handling

    Please visit our website for more pictures and info or shoot us a quick email at [email protected] .... we're just a click away to answer any questions.
  14. Next up we'll touch on our current tank bags. The Switchback specifically ... after receiving numerous requests regarding a minimalist tank bag for small essentials such as keys, camera, etc ... we came up with our current Switchback model.


    Measuring approx 5x7x3, the Switchback provides ample space for those essentials while still allowing for an unrestricted riding position. A full wrap zipper provides a wide mouth opening of the Switchback top panel allowing for easy access to it's contents. The attachment system of the Switchback is the same as that found on our High Basin ,which allows for easy transfer back and forth between the two tank bag models as you alternate from day trips to longer multi-day adventures.


    Larger capacity tank bags end up being a compromise between capacity and ergonomics, which on longer rides is a necessity that most Dual Sport/Adventure riders have learned to accept, but if your more of a trail rider looking to maintain a performance position over the bike with some added capacity look no further than the Switchback!


    Keep smaller essential items such as keys, camera, phone, tools, etc easily accessible with the OBR ADV Gear Switchback Tank Bag. The OBR ADV Gear Switchback Tank Bag attaches/secures easily to any bike via two adjustable buckle straps at the rear of the bag and one adjustable strap at the front.


    ·High strength and water resistant 1680d Ballistic Nylon construction

    ·Heavy duty #10 coil zipper

    ·Radiused front profile to interface with riders leg

    ·Secure attachment through bikes frame/sub frame utilizing supplied adjustable buckle straps

    ·Spacious 5x7x3 main compartment

    Item # - OBR9001

    Shoot us an email if you would like more information on this popular little tank bag at [email protected]

    Remember ... all OBR ADV Gear products are designed and manufactured right here in the USA!



  15. Looking for a tank bag with a bit more capacity than the afore mentioned Switchback .... take a gander at our High Basin. The High Basin is a mid sized tank bag more orientated for the Enduro class dual sport, however it does fit nicely on ADV class motorcycles as well. The High Basin measuring approx. 7x8x6 and was designed specifically to hold those essentials most needed within quick reach during a back country trip such as a camera, jacket, sun screen, wallet, snacks, maps, phone, .... and the list goes on and on.

    ~With detachable storage pocket

    ~With detachable full sized map pocket

    When we set out to design our own version of an Enduro class tank bag we did so to improve the one irritation we've noticed with other tank bags.... that feeling of having a square block that you're squeezed up against. We have designed our High Basin with a trapezoidal front panel that reduces in width by 2" along the lower rear edge. This reduction in width, only along the rear ... the front panel is full width, creates a 3 dimensional angle that allows your legs to nest into, which helps a ton with that big square block sensation!


    Another issue we have experienced are map pockets that wouldn't actually fit a USFS or MVUM Map, so we made sure that our map pocket was amply sized to not fit just one but two of these maps ... after all you might be riding through more than one national forest or you might feel the need to include the MVUM.


    Not wanting to make the map pocket option a single use, we opted to make the pocket removable utilizing our standard button snap system. This system also allows us to include with each High Basin an also removable zippered storage pocket should you not feel the need to look at maps all day .... and of course the top of the High Basin also includes a cross pattern laced shock cord for holding gloves etc during a trip break.


    Attachment to the bike utilizes the standard web strap system seen on most other systems. A single strap wraps around the steering head while rear anchor straps extend from the rear of the bag down to the bikes frame or sub frame.




    -High strength and water resistant 1680d Ballistic Nylon construction

    -Heavy duty #10 coil zipper

    -Trapezoid front profile to interface with riders legs

    -Secure attachment through bikes frame/sub frame utilizing supplied adjustable buckle straps

    -Spacious 7x8x5 main compartment with front mesh slip pocket

    -Includes interchangeable 6x7 stow pocket and 6x10 map pocket that securely snap on to top lid

    -Internal D-ring for clipping keys, etc.

    -4 external D-rings on top lid with 3mm shock cord for misc. storage

    -1” web grab tabs

    -Adventure Tank Flat Hook Adapter Straps available separately

    .......Please visit our website for more information or shoot us an email to [email protected]

    You can also read a review of the High Basin in the March/April issue of ADVMoto Magazine.
  16. Here's to some epic Labor Day Adventures!