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OBR ADV Gear - 2016

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Obrianmcc, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Once on the road the realization that we were completely self-sufficient and on our motorcycles started to sink in. The freedom we now had to go were most could not while having every possible need strapped to our bikes was more than just cool … it was liberating. The places we could now go and the distances that could be covered all in a relatively short period of time made apparent why this style of riding and camping was and is becoming so popular. Bikes on the move, stoves and food securely packed away, sleeping bags and tent in tow … we were free and loving it!


    Prior to departing our plan was to pack the more dense items as low as possible within the saddlebags with lighter goods such as clothing and sleep system within dry bags across the seat. This system worked flawlessly maintaining a weight balance that never once influenced any negative input to bike handling over the next 500 miles. We rode pavement, we rode groomed forest roads, and we rode rough rocky tracks with never a shift or movement of any gear. Now keep in mind that our strapping system had something to do with this. Quality straps and/or bungees are necessary if you want your gear to make the full distance of the trip without bouncing down the road behind you.

  2. Post trip I pondered what I thought would have worked better. One considered improvement to make the system a bit more versatile would be to revise the portion of the bag that drapes over the seat. The initial design of a nonadjustable one piece drape over saddlebag system, while worked flawlessly, could work better if there was some actual beam adjustment to accommodate differing saddle widths.


    Revising the cradle portion of the saddlebags to a double strap system and simple buckles allowed for the type of adjustment I felt was a needed improvement. Separating the left/right bags would also prove to be a benefit in simplifying fabrication by reducing overall item dimension equating to less bulk and handling during the sewing process.


  3. Another area of improvement I thought could be made was in the area of materials. My initial design utilized a 22oz PVC coated polyester material. While strong and resilient as PVC is there are some better material offerings out there. 1680d Ballistic Nylon has been a staple within many markets for years … and justifiable so. 1680d is relatively economical, has extraordinary abrasion and tear properties, has a texture similar to Cordura. And a light polyurethane coating on the inside for waterproofing.


    A couple of more samples completed and a few more trips under our tires had me convinced that I had a pretty solid Light Dual Sport System. The bags were now more adjustable. All with improved materials that are now double layered and foam lined for padding. Refined saddlebag shape to better fit with bike and rider minimizing gear interference. I was pretty happy with the fit and function of the saddlebags. During successive trips I really loaded down the system and to date have never experienced a failure other than an odd buckle here and there that was more a result of rider error.

  4. [​IMG]

    So the moral of this story is too simply get out. If you’ve ever had a desire to camp from a motorcycle … make the time, gather the simple few necessities, and hit the road.


    The experience gained, lessons learned, and camaraderie of fellow riders is life changing. Remember … adventure starts right outside your front door!
  5. Our flagship! ... tried and tested 38l Adventure Saddlebag System.


    This is a "rackless" system that utilizes a pair of 2" adjustable cradle straps to guarantee that perfect fit over the rear of your seat. The geometry of the 38l Adventure System follows the forward lines of your bikes side panels to a central anchor point. This aids in proper load stabilization and bike handling.



    38l (or 2300 in/3) of spacious capacity is ample room for most adventure essentials!


    Rugged construction guarantees that at the end of the day you'll arrive at camp with all of that gear. Heavy duty 1680d Ballistic Nylon was carefully chosen for the outer shell due to it's high abrasion and tear specification.



    Give in to the allure of the road ....


    and find out whats around that next bend.


    OBR ADV Gear has the kit to turn your Enduro into the perfect weekend or week long Dual Sport


    Whether it’s a quick over nighter or a multi-day adventure … the OBR ADV Gear Adventure Saddlebag will get you to where you’re going and back with all of your gear. Large capacity along with robust construction makes the OBR ADV Gear Adventure Saddlebag the bag of choice for the hardiest of adventurers.


    ·Spacious capacity at approx 2300in3 (38L)

    ·Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon construction with high strength UV resistant nylon webbing

    ·Padded front/back panel provides additional bag structure and protection

    ·Heavy duty #10 coil zipper with storm flap

    ·One size fits all design with adjustable bridge straps

    ·Reflective webbing for increased low light visibility

    ·Includes 1 ea rear anchor strap to work with a rear cargo rack and 1 ea gutter hook anchor strap to work with bikes without a rear rack

    ·Load centralizing design keeps load mass in tight to the bike and forward for better handling

    ·Quick On/Off

    Item # - OBR3001
  6. How to buy .....

    We are continuing to define and refine our processes here at OBR ADV Gear. Currently PayPal is our preferred method to facilitate an OBR ADV Gear purchase. The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3 ….

    1. Once you have reviewed our product information and have made your selection(s) … shoot us a quick email detailing which item(s) you would like to purchase. Please remember to include quantities for each item and your current ship to address.

      ***Listed shipping charges are detailed for the purchase of just that one item. Shipping for orders with multiple quantities will be reflected by final box size vs by the piece. All AK, HI, and International orders are subject to separate shipping quotations.

    2. We will then email you an invoice via PayPal detailing each item, projected shipping charges, and any Sales Tax (If applicable; Idaho purchases). Once you have reviewed and approved the invoice you will have the option to pay either with a PayPal Account or by just using your credit card. (PayPal Acct not required)

      ***We will notify you immediately in the rare instance that an item is out of stock at which time we can discuss options to move forward.

    3. After you have completed payment, your order will be shipped the day proceeding receipt of PayPal payment confirmation. All available shipping information (such as tracking numbers) will be forwarded to you proceeding your shipment.

      ***Our OBR ADV Gear website is under constant refinement. Be sure to check back periodically at for any updates.
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  8. Big Sky hitchin a ride on a 1090 ....

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  11. Just restocked on Grip Mitts ... check them out in our web store. Even with grip warmers it makes such a huge difference shielding your hands from the wind.

    .... and don't forget the "Free Shipping"


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  12. Need a stocking stuffer or gift for the ADV/Dual Sport rider in your life? ... we have you covered!

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  13. Looking for a Fender Bag? ... Yep, we've got you covered.

    We've made a few subtle updates this last year ... I'll cover those updates and a few other features next.

    IMG_2740.jpg Ethans690.jpg Ethans6902.jpg
  14. Our preferred way to social distance... all joking aside, please avoid the hysteria and just be vigilant ... We predict many twisty miles in our futures!

  15. Now available ... the OBR ADV Gear Sherpa Tail Bag. Designed with a traditional wedge shape the Sherpa will fit on Light Dual Sports, Enduro, and ADV Bikes alike.

    Keep essential items easily accessible with the OBR ADV Gear Sherpa Tail Bag. The OBR ADV Gear Sherpa Tail Bag attaches to your motorcycles rear rack via an optional strap free base panel or by a series of adjustable buckle straps. A padded spacious main compartment is perfect for carrying those items you wish to keep close such as tools, cameras, documentation, rain jacket, etc. A smaller mesh lid pocket sits above the main pocket for storage of smaller items.


    • High strength, abrasion and water resistant ballistic nylon construction
    • Heavy duty #10 coil zippers with storm flap
    • Secure attachment to your bikes rear rack via an optional strap free plastic mounting plate or adjustable buckle straps
    • Spacious and padded trapezoid 9x10x5 main compartment
    • Secondary lid mesh pocket adds even more storage
    • Three sided reflective webbing with Molle loops
    • 4 external D-rings on top lid with 3mm shock cord gives you a place to put those gloves during a ride break

    The OBR ADV Gear Sherpa Tail Bag is constructed with a extended coverage dust/weather flap over the HD #10 zipper keeping the elements out of your bag. Also to mix things up a bit we have configured the bag with a couple of different mounting options. First being your standard strap attachment by routing the supplied attachment straps under your bikes rear rack. I've logged over 5000 on road and off road miles with this set up. The next option is to utilize the included HDPE plate by mounting the plate itself to your rear rack and then slipping the exterior sleeves of the bag over the ends of the plate. This is a tight fit, but also ensures a secure fitment and a clean strapless appearance. Lastly you can also choose to use the same plate by inserting the plate along the inside of the bag and mount directly through the bags bottom panel. Once mounting locations have been measured out it is best to use either a soldering iron or heat of a screwdriver with a torch and melt directly through the bags base panel. This provides a secure attachment whereas the bag is only coming off if you rip the rack off your bike!

    OBR ADV Gear .... gets you "There and Back"

  16. We've been talking Tank Bags, Grip Mitts, and Accessory Pouches a fair bit as of late, but let's not forget our "Rackless" solutions ... I started OBR based on my own necessity of wanting to fully take advantage of my ride at the time .... a DRZ E. The DRZ was a great all around bike that fit many genre's of riding. I wanted a simple luggage system that I could throw on the bike ... take a weekend trip ... and then pull off for trail riding the next weekend. Yes, there are existing products within the market that fit that definition and of good quality, but I wanted to make my own. This left to that and I was convinced to commercialize my brand .... so if you have a"Enduro" bike and are contemplating a rackless set up .... give is a look. Our 10l or 38l solutions might be what you're looking for.

    OBR3003 / OBR ADV Gear 10l Saddlebag

    OBR3001 / OBR ADV Gear 38l Saddlebag

    ... and for those in wet and rainy climates

    OBR3002 / 38l Slip Over Rain Covers

    .... remember out motto ... getting you "There and back" .... and proudly "Made in the USA"
  17. Fall is in the air and Gripp Mitts are in stock ... Get yours today!