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Obrianmcc Adventures

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Obrianmcc, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Late April .... the rain has cleared and I'm contacted by a friend to make a day loop over Immigrant Pass and through Prairie. Ended up being a beautiful day for a ride!

    April Extreme .... Read Here

  2. Right before all the wildfires sparked up ... I completed a day loop back around Pinyon Peak. We completed an overnight around the same loop last Sept, but in the opposite direction. So with clear air in the forecast to guarantee awesome views ... off I went.

    Part one


  3. Two Track over Pinyon ... into Loon

    Part 4

  4. Two Track over Pinyon ... Loon Creek Summit

    Part 5

  5. Two track over Pinyon - Back to the truck

    Part 7

  6. As we sit indoors within winters grip, I thought it would be a good time to catch up on some past rides. This next one is a quick day loop we took sometime in June through the mountains north of Crouch Idaho. We had a full spectrum of weather thrown at us, but as a testiment to having the proper gear we stayed dry and comfortable the entire day ....

    In search of new roads - Take 1


    “True adventure lies in the road ahead”

    I find myself always chasing new roads. Paved roads, dirt roads, improved roads, primitive roads, forest roads …. all roads that lead around the next corner or over the next hill. These are the roads that make adventure. Riding over those hills and around those curves feeds our curiosity to continue riding forward. It entices that seeded sense of exploration that all of us have in one shape or form.

    Read the rest here ....
  7. In search of new roads - 2nd Half

    Once the bikes are properly fueled, or at least the DRZ since the mighty 690 is a tanker .... we headed north along the river. The days forecast called for potential showers of which thus far we have been spared. Until now ....


    With the rain starting to fall one would expect moral to drop, but in this case the opposite was true. The rain seemed to transform a section of road I have only had the privilege to pass in the dustiest of conditions. With proper gear worn and water on the road .... the experience was .... different ... and almost refreshing.

    Left or Right (Click here to find out)
  8. In search of new roads - Tres


    After a burger at the Cougar Mountain Lodge we jumped the Hwy onto FR 626, which is a nice gravel road that climbs up towards Sage Hen Reservoir.

    Read the rest here ....
  9. Playing catch up yet again ... this is a ride that we concluded the 2017 season with. Ended up being a great day ... 200 plus miles .... cool weather ... and fantastic country to be riding through!

    Read more on our loop here

  10. Sorry ... I have no idea why the photos are not showing ... they are visible in my preview before posting.