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Officious PDX Area photo tag thread

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by uPoNiT, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. The Rules:

    * To start, I will post a photo and a clue.

    * Individually (or as a group), other participants ride to the same place and get a photo with THEIR bike at the same spot.

    * The first person to "tag" the photo by posting their photo then posts the next photo for people to find. He/she is "it". One "it" at a time kids.

    * The boundaries will be the Columbia River to the North, the Cascades to the East, Salem to the South, and the Pacific on the West

    If no one is able to identify the tag, the poster can give progressively easier clues until someone finally finds it. The idea isn't to stump people, but to get people down interesting roads, so folks should be able to figure it out somehow. If nobody can figure it out in a week then "it" needs to tell folks where the site is, and the first person to post is then the next "it".


    Clue: old growth cedar and doug fir

    Sally Forth
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  2. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    Sally Forth...hmmmmmmmm...This is the only one I could think of. :scratchea


  3. Cool. Sounds like fun.
  4. officially nice
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  5. I've got it:

  6. uPoNiT: Did you ride to this location and take the pic in the last week or so? (thinking it must not be too high elevation, no snow) Hmmmmmm any other clues?
  7. Took the picture yesterday.
    Salmon season
  8. I've got it! Cedar, fir and salmon... Must be some place in Oregon. :nana

    I actually did pull out the recreation map yesterday to seach for parks in Clackamas county. This is going to be hard isn't it?

    Ever done Geocaching?
  9. Eagle Fern Park



    After doing some googling (is that a word?) I found this pic [​IMG] on this site. It looked like a winner to me, and sure enough when I got there it was the place! :thumbup:

    I'll post up a new one if I thaw out by tomorrow morning. :mrgreen:
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  10. damn! I was trying to figure it out. I rode over to barton park thinking that was it...
    Hurry and post your location mrfrankpdx! I want in!
  11. Gratz Mark!! :mfclap:

    :secret: I googled "googling" and found a wikipedia entry (which is an infallible resource), and it states:

    The first recorded usage of google used as a verb was on July 8, 1998, by Larry Page himself, who wrote on a mailing list: "Have fun and keep googling!"

  12. yeah and no off trail one:mrgreen:
  13. So wheres the next location mark?:mfclap:
  14. Do I have to go ride there, or can I post up a pic of somewhere I've been recently? I don't foresee going on a ride for a few days, maybe longer depending on the weather.
  15. Yeah i think that should be fine Mark. The key to this game is to make it possible for people to figure out where the photo was taken. The 'key' to my tag was using google, which you did. However, feel free to use any 'key' you want. That said, if people start posting up places that are next to impossible to get to this time of year, the game probably will stall out.

    Have fun!
  16. This sign is found at the beginning (or end) of a very popular road for motorcycles.

  17. Hwy 53? I'll go out on a limb and guess the south side.