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Officious PDX photo tag 2010

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by lena, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Originally started by UPoNiT here. Spread contagiously to other areas, my hat's off to Ian for such a great idea.

    Here is the most current tag by TwistedWest:

    Robert, I think you need to check if the blue lights are still up.


    The Rules per Ian:

    * To start, I will post a photo and a clue.

    * Individually (or as a group), other participants ride to the same place and get a photo with THEIR bike at the same spot.

    * The first person to "tag" the photo by posting their photo then posts the next photo for people to find. He/she is "it". One "it" at a time kids. Name the tagged location for others.

    * The boundaries will be the Columbia River to the North, the Cascades to the East, Salem to the South, and the Pacific on the West.

    If no one is able to identify the tag, the poster can give progressively easier clues until someone finally finds it. The idea isn't to stump people, but to get people down interesting roads, so folks should be able to figure it out somehow. If nobody can figure it out in a week then "it" needs to tell folks where the site is, and the first person to post is then the next "it".
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  2. I dont believe they are, however i will go out and get a new tag by tomorrow night. If that is acceptable by everyone.

  3. Why don't you just take a photo of it now in the daylight?
  4. Robert got a new tag and will post up soon.
  5. ok so here is the new tag since the other one can not be gotten anymore.
    Clue #1 Its one of the oldest churches in portland.
  6. Tag


    455 S.E. Spokane Street in historic Sellwood

    New TAG


    Clue #1 On a well known Ferry Drag
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  7. Your bikes not in the picture Paul... it doesn't count. You can't just virtually ride there. :thefinge:

  8. OOOPPPSSS! Sorry I will ride there today/ take the shot!

    I had never done this actually besides our Christmas tree photo.

  9. Y'all supposed to name the location of the tagged photo. For those who don't know where it was. I don't.
  10. Its been 5 days and still no bites?
    I just dont want to slab so much.
  11. [​IMG]
    Tag, some mini-mart on Taylor's Ferry, as posted by PV, above. Thanks bro, couldn't do it withoutcha!

    New tag:

    Couldn't get inside the fence, "KEEP OUT" signs and whatnot, nobody was home. Dunno where they'd be on a Sunday morning. Here's a better picture of the subject of the tag:
  12. Hmmm, thats just down the road from my house...
  13. ^^^ thats what i'm thinking. Good opertunity for you.
    I was gona ride to get that market tag but someone got it.
  14. Tag

    Just outside of Sandy, OR on Highway 26.





  15. Clue # 1 During the summer days this is a hot spot for two wheelers.......and three wheeker oh yeah and fourwheelers
  16. Hmm, can I get that shot in the daytime? Technically isn't that sidewalk?

    (Not that I have any problem, just trying to figure out a when...)
  17. And you can get really wet? crackup:
  18. pfft I know where that is...I had my high school prom on that boat haha
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