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Offroad area near Crescent Bar

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by n8r, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. R-Steve-R

    R-Steve-R suzukigixxer

    there is beverly dunes jest the other side of vantage off crab creek road and green dot trails in vantage

  2. This is the stuff that is visible from the highway right near where that big sand pile is - there is a passing lane there as well. I don't think it's a formal riding area, but people are definitely riding there.
  3. A guy i work with rides down there, but he cant realy tell me if you are suppost to and/or if it is fround apon. Get a map and find out if it is public or private. Then ask the people who own it. As far as I know, no one is getting kicked out of there for ridding.

    ( I am talking about the north side of the highway, The south side or river side I know they dont want you ridding and could pssibly get into trouble)
  4. If you like mountain riding, the logging roads above Wenatchee heights is all ORV accessible, as long as you stay on the Green Dot roads, it's all fair game :)
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  6. um, forst srvice has a map of wash. and it has the township squares and shows private, F.S. and BLM land, I think. If you want to look at mine before you go and buy one, let me know.
  7. Above Wenatchee Heights it's pretty easy to figure out, if you're on a road with the green reflectors, you're ok, if you're on a road with the red reflectors you can get in trouble.....
  8. If you want areas to ride PM me, I have a YZ125 and know some good local areas. The place you are talking about is Spanish Castle, thats where you can start and go from there. Its the name of the road to the west of there. Its not legal as far as spanish castle goes, I think its owned by the railroad. Usually from what I hear they bust you in the parking lot, basically just tell you to pack up and leave. With all the other local areas closing people are riding out there a lot more, I would guess they shut it down pretty soon. Again PM me we can meet if youre legit I can show you where to ride. Spanish Castle is a good place to ride, again not legal.
  9. I sent you a PM, I'm pretty sure I'm legit, at least last time I checked I was :)
  10. R-Steve-R

    R-Steve-R suzukigixxer

    there is a small mc shop in cle elum the owner is very knowledgable of thoes areas
  11. What up Nate? Spanish Castle is off limits due to the Railroad owning the right of way thru there. From what I understand though, people still unload there, ride down the tracks a ways and then hit those trails. Just don't ride down by the houses near the sand pile. They will call and complain. Hit me up sometime. I'm always riding around the Cashmere/Wenatchee area. Lots of stuff up at Sand Creek/Mission Creek and then you can head to the north side of US2 over to Nahahum Canyon and ride around there.
  12. I'd be up for it about anytime. I have to admit my bike and my preferences are for more wide open stuff that isn't trail riding. But I'll take what I can get from time to time. That really narrow technical stuff is more fun on a mountain bike imho.
  13. I haven't really found any open stuff that I enjoyed, but I have limited experience with that. I got bit by the single track bug a few years back and enjoy it quite a bit. I'm open for some other dirt riding though, so you may have to show me some places to ride.