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old crash story...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by jezterr, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    posted on 7.20.2004

    it was a nice saturday morning, with temps in the mid 70's and not a cloud in the sky. i'm on the backroads of highway 6 along couer d'alene lake taking a nice trip up to the city with a few buddies. we all had to be somewhere that day, and it just turned out that we were all going the same direction. so we made a ride out of it. no speed, no hooligan acts. just a nice ride up to the business meeting, the family reunion, or the friend's wedding with the riding buddies.

    the lake off to the left was crystal clear. the skyscraper trees loomed above, letting in just the right amount of sunlight and fanning in just the right kind of breeze to make the ride one of the nicest i've ever been on. the road curved left and right rhythmically and everything flowed like water. the pavement - a two lane backroad highway - was new and smooth and cut through the occasional small town and groups of lakeside cabins. going along slow enough to be ignored by that local sheriff around the bend but fast enough to be fun and do an occasional hang-off.

    it couldn't get any better.

    so it got worse.

    i had slowed down below the speed limit, taking note of a 'children at play' sign. ignoring my buddies as they continued at their own speed, i watched them click away and disappear around that right-hander. as i leaned into that same bend, i picked up some speed and started to accelerate back up to my pace. a quick left hander up ahead and i set myself up to take it with grace. it was a nice left hander, smooth and constant. encoved into the side of the lakeside cliff, it was bordered by shady trees and a nice wide gravel runoff.

    it was then that i realized that i was taking in the scenery a little too much.

    before i realized it, i was on top of that gravel runoff, having run the curve wide, not paying attention to my riding. automatically, fingers squeezed the spiegler-lined brakes - a big mistake. the bike disappeared from under me, and i slammed down onto my left shoulder. the bike yanked itself from my grip as the left side fairing dug into the ground and flipped the bike over its front end and landed itself on its right side and continued to slide after me. after about a hundred feet of sliding along the length of the gravel runoff i finally came to a stop at the base of the cliff face with the bike just a few feet behind me.

    i put my face on the ground. "fuck." a second later i jumped to my feet and pulled an impersonation of aaron yates' fit in that incident with fania. when the flailing of arms, punching of the ground and cliff, and the breathless flow of swearing subsided, i picked up my baby to see if she was okay. it was official. i had crashed.









    damage assessment -
    me - i came out without a single scratch except for maybe a bruised shoulder (can't tell, it just hurts) and shattered-to-bits ego. my astars dyno jacket looks absolutely unblemished other than a tiny scuff on the left shoulder. my helmet is all scratched up on the back side, but there wasn't an impact - so still usable.

    bike - i need a few new things: front fairing, fairing stay, fairing brackets, mirrors, frame sliders (worried about the engine mount and frame being bent) and possibly a new subframe (which is what i am most worried about). all the other stuff i can buff out and repaint. possibly a new metallic red color? maybe.

    lesson learned -
    fucking pay attention and look where you're going.

    all in all it wasn't that bad of a crash compared to the stories i've heard on the board. but a crash is a crash and it's a lesson learned.

    i want to thank the guys and gals over at for all you've taught and advised me and everyone else there and all the experiences you've shared. because if it wasn't for any of that knowledge i may have been worse off.

    now someone find me a good deal on parts. 8)


    just wanted to share an old crash story, since some people i know here haven't heard about it... that and i don't feel like working...

    this is what she looks like today (sort of - she's missing the rising sun)...

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    Glad ur ok, man.
  3. So glad you're ok (7 years after original post).