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olympic club

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by cbrider, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. thinking about going on a ride saturday or sunday morning/afternoonish past the steamplant to eat something at the olympic club and a random route back. just seeing if anyone would be interested in the ride.
  2. sat-no
    sun-mabye but its too soon to tell

    post a map of your route if you can.
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  3. Feel i have to do something sunday.... but im down for a maybe on a sunday.... no on Saturday
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  4. thats kinda the jist of the route i like to take
  5. Wow! I like the route, goes right by where my horse is! I wish I could do this ride :angry7:
  6. out... our new furniture came in... gf would kill me if i went riding before i went and picked it up
  7. 90% in for something on sunday
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  8. we are going to meet at the mcchevron by the south hill mall at 10 am if any one want to join. I think it is just me and cbrider so far
  9. I might be in if I can get a hall pass. I will be on a white Duc.
  10. hey thank you rayman for posting up meet up time and location. been busy and not able to get on. All are welcome to show up its a nice ride threw BFE.
  11. bc hopefully the weather holds out longer and i can try another ride.
  12. Sitting in the McDonald's enjoying so shitty unhealthy food.
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  13. Post pics when you can :)
  14. Great ride today fellas, nice meeting you guys. Thanks for letting me tag along.
  15. good ride for sure. I really want to ride those roads again.
  16. hey i was happy to have some good company on a good ride today
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