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On-Topic: Wenatchee Riders?

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by PNWHardcore, May 14, 2015.

  1. Dang, you would think that there are very few motorcycle enthusiasts in Wenatchee with the way this sub-forum is moving along. :fallinga:

    On the topic of actually riding motorcycles in/near Wenatchee. What are some favorite routes in the area?

    I found the Stemilt Creek Loop a few weeks ago and dig that little twisty ride. I even made a map on Ye Olde Google Machine

    I gave Badger Mountain Road a try, but the pavement goes to hell just after that tight hairpin at the top of the hill, so I had to turn around.
  2. I usually ride tumwater and down chumstick for a friday after work wind down. I like to ride to waterville and down mcneil canyon for a sprinted pace, ha. Lets go ride, its time to do a loop loop pass tour. the stemilt loop pavement sucks and to many blind driveways for me. the last 2 miles of mission ridge rd arent to bad

  3. We ran up Tyee for DS ride hitting some dirt roads. Tyee would be fun on a sumo bike since it is paved and has lots of twists. You sport bike guys might like it, but it wouldn't be a balls out run!
  4. I have rode that rd 100,s of times, there is no balls out riding for me:scared for me, on the street, i would be in for a ride
  5. Right on Dave. I'll shoot you a PM next time I'm feeling up for a ride. Waterville, McNiel and Chumstick look good. Where is the Tumwater route? I only know of Tumwater, WA and that's near Olympia, AFAIK.

    smaas, are you talking about the Entiat River Rd for Tyee? I drove my Subie up there to check if it would be okay to ride, and the pavement ends right about the Fox Creek Campground area like 20 miles up the canyon from ALT-US97

    Im still new to exploring this area, as I moved here last May, and have been resistant to accepting that I don't live in Seattle anymore.
  6. If you turn off entiat river rd at mile marker 9 go up mad river rd, stay right it is paved for 20miles, some single lane so not a fast ride but awesome views. I live in ltown so going up tumwater canyon is my only rout. I ride every weekend but not in the rain
  7. What Dave said. The Entiat area might be lame again this year do to closures from the fire last year. I don't know how many dual sport guys are here but so far everything I have road is open as far as dirt goes. But Mad river/Tyee/French Coral is the furthest I have been so far.
  8. I'm gonna head up Nahahum cyn from my home in Cashmere and try to get up to the top of Chumstick Lookout. If that goes well I'll see how far I can get heading towards Ardenvoir by way of some the recent burn area FS roads. I know of one road that was reopened after the fire. All the rain we've had lately might put the kibosh on some of it. The Kenda's are pretty skittish on mud and ice so far. Might need some more break-in time?
  9. Entiat summit road from Swakane to Mills canyon should be open. The Dinkleman rd should be open to. Then French Coral should be open also.
  10. If you're doing some sport riding, a great road is hwy 821 just south of Ellensburg. I admit, I've only ridden it once, from north to south, but plan to make a day of repeated runs very soon. It's the best canyon road I've found so far.

    Stemilt loop it pretty good, but too tight and blind for me to feel comfortable above 50%. Plus, I've seen deer on that road many times. Mission ridge Rd is fun, hopefully all the sand will be cleared off of it pretty soon. That fist long sweeping left hander as you're climbing (with the turn off to beehive reservoir) always seems to have a coating of gravel.
  11. Yep the snow is officially gone. A couple weeks ago there was snow blocking the way, but just a little mud and puddles now. Heading over 5200 road all roads were gated/blocked but one. I went down one of the gated roads and no why they're gated. Just a small runoff ravine took out a 75 foot section of the road. Vegetation is pretty much denuded, so nothing to hold back erosion. Crossed path's with 5 other riders along the way and had a nice lunch at Copper's and went back the same way. Put 84 miles on the Dr. Love that 5 gal. Ims tank! Let me know if anyone wants to explore.
  12. Nice tips!

    Yeah Mission Ridge Rd is still spotty with gravel/debris, I drove up there for some mountain biking recently.

    Deer are everywhere, it seems. I have seen far too many on Blewitt Pass driving to and from Seattle. :shock:
  13. I am going to spokane this monday for an open track day??? Lets get together for a sat ride may 30th???Weather permiting Im in for a loop loop pass ride?
  14. Nice one. I am available on the 30th. I added it to my calendar so I don't double book. Dave, maybe write up a thread to get others in on the ride?
  15. Im kind of computer stupid:rantBut I will get it done:popcorn:
  16. Any chance you guys would be able to make it a Sunday ride? At the moment I'm working Saturdays til 5pm, but Sundays I'd be down.
  17. I would be in for a couple hour ride, need to head for spokane by 3, call me 433-4316
  18. You need some nobbies dave...
  19. I can get a trail bike but not street legal, I dont mind riding alone I dont have to wait for anyone