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On-Topic: Wenatchee Riders?

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by PNWHardcore, May 14, 2015.

  1. Dave Im still in for Saturday.
  2. I am also down to ride Saturday if I don't hop on the bike and head to the rainy ride for the weekend. Depends what time I get off work Friday.

  3. Looks like Dave and I are meeting at the Shell Station across from Cascade Auto Group in Wenatchee on Saturday May 30 at 10am. Anyone is welcome to join!

    You can PM me if you want to swap phone numbers.
  4. Hey Dave, if you're busy this Sunday, no worries. I mostly intended to say I'd be down for Sunday rides for the next month or so until my schedule changes again.
  5. I would be in for a ride on sunday, next weekend im going to oregon raceway park, dave needs to go fast:scared, Ill pm you
  6. Ha ha, me too... I need at least two more bikes in my garage !
  7. I might be up for a Sunday ride as well!
  8. Excelent ride today, thanx for going. Every sat. for here on out???
  9. Hell yeah, had a good time. I'm on call next weekend and can't get too far away from home. Free weekends I'm down for sure.
  10. I had a blast, and following really gave me some confidence to ride harder than I ever have. :mrgreen:

    I'll be hard-pressed to commit to every Saturday. I spend a lot of time in Seattle and the area mountain biking. Any Saturday that I stay in central, I am down!
  11. It was a good time for sure, cool to have other people to ride with for once. I totally agree, there is a lot to learn riding behind someone like Dave. If saturday rides are still happening in a month, I'll be down. Until then, I'll have Sundays and the early half of the week available.
  12. I would like to try out. Any thing coming up?
  13. I will ride next sat.. we need to plan a 350miler up to sunrise resort:popcorn:
  14. Nice!:mfclap: I will check back here for the when n where
    btw pmed with my contact info
  15. Anyone else up early today feel like going on a ride before it gets hotter than a bastards out?