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Open letter

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by JohnnyM, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. To the sport bike rider I saw on the Moscow/Pullman highway just on the Moscow side of the Airport road stoplight at about 11:50AM:

    You, sir, give new meaning to the term "d-bag squiddly phuck-all ass-clown".

    Yes, I saw your full-on power did everyone around us. It appears you have decent control of your bike, as a novice would have looped it if he tried to get it up as far as you did. The landing was likewise well controlled. Nonetheless, I and my fellow road-dwellers in your general vicinity were not impressed.

    Judging by the past WSP reaction to the wheelies on I-5, you're lucky no-one took cell phone video of you or wrote down your license plate to pass on to authorities. May I suggest the next time you're in doubt about the size of your manhood, you take it to the track...or better yet- a parking lot? Just stay the hell away from the rest of us when you spontaneously decide you need to inflate your fragile little ego.

    As if it wasn't bad enough, you were also doing a fantastic job of making the local sport bike community look bad. Oh, and I didn't catch the make or model of your bike, but it was dark colored and had a very unique headlight configuration...very similar to how my RS250 looks. Chances are the general public and local LEOs will agree, and now will be on point for such a bike. Congratulations, you've made it personal.

    You better pray I never have to deal with a case of "mistaken identity", see you "actin' a fool" again on the road, or have a chance to confront you in person because of your phuckstick antics. I won't "kick your ass" per se, because that would most likely be lowering myself to your level. To be honest, it really isn't my style anyway. But do rest assured I'll make it so you can't ride anymore...then I'll hide the pieces.

    If you can manage to find a couple of neurons to rub together in that bundle of nerves in your helmet I will jokingly refer to as your brain, I'll leave it to your imagination as to what the above statement refers to...your bike...or your body.

    Sincerely, GFY.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2008
  2. ahh shit you caught me!

    (jk I was in math class at that time) :D

  3. lol, I told you that bike had some balls.....
  4. Thats just a plane stupid place to do it as well. Lots of traffic, lots of cops.
  5. btw, did you just write a letter to yourself?
  6. No, but that was part of the reason for it. I don't want any of his deserved "attention" just because the RS looks a little like his does the Factory to the untrained eye...just another black bike, right? Not like its pink or anything...
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  7. I didn't think the rsv looked anything like the rs :devil:
  8. You aren't exactly an untrained eye either...
  9. the amount of time I've spent looking at the front of an rs: less than 10 seconds
    the amount of time I've spent looking at the front of an rsv: less than a couple minutes
    the amount of time I've spent looking at the back of a couple ape's: waaaaaaaaaay a lot.

    but still

    how was the power wheelie through the intersection? I did one today too :secret:
  10. I like to do a 360 with the wheel up in intersections to inflate my manhood, maybe stand on the seat with one foot hanging off if feeling really inadaquate.
  11. gixxerjeff

    gixxerjeff emw2k9 beer pong champions

    wasnt me. my wheelies are out of control!
  12. See, that would be somewhat excuseable as a "mistake" perhaps...but this was a good 1/4 mile past the light, next to a friggin' car with dad and his two kids. There is a place and time for that stuff. If you're gonna wheelie, don't be a it where the only one you can hurt is yourself.
  13. How could you possibly mistake a Sportster for a sports bike? Please forgive me....75 hp in a 600lb bike is well-nigh impossible to control.
  14. Dude. Who are you trying to kid?

    You have enough problems getting other (much smaller) things up, much less your front wheel. Until HD starts making some sort of "lil blue pill" for their bikes...let it go...
  15. It happened one time. And you promised not to tell.
  16. Why the hate?

    It can be done. :nana
  17. Meh. That whole video should be titled: "You're doing it wrong..."
  18. I dont think the cops think its such a bad idea.




  19. Hmm...different country. Doesn't count.
  20. Fine here is the one from the same country!

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