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our bikes in front of Q6 for penny drive

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by stone, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. I know alot more pictures were taken so lets see them I only took
    this one.

  2. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    I will add the ones that I have as soon as I find the cord that connects my camera to my computer......
  3. Nice pic! Let's see some more!

    Where did you all ride to? I know the rain came in that Saturday afternoon...
  4. we went to curleys by post falls and then descided to go to Denny's in
    Coeur d'Alene, then from there we went across the bridge by the yacht club took a right up the hill and I don't know the name of the road, but it was twisty and fun. That road brought us out almost by liberty lake, at that point it started raining so we all split.
  5. Its the Riverside road that goes from CDA to State Line. Thanks for the Pic bud.
  6. I really enjoyed that route and would like to take it again on a nice day.
    good suggestion.
  7. No problem. Going from Spokane to CDA can be a little tricky so I hope you remembered all the turns. We can for sure do it again on a nice day. Its a nice ender for the east side of Lake CDA.
  8. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Did somebody mention Stateline!? We should go on a ride to Stateline one of these Friday nights when I have an extra $30. :lol: Nice pic by the way!