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P5000 Road

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by theJrod, May 18, 2011.

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    Dude, quad riders are awesome. They usually have beer. And I like beer. I usually save it 'til after the ride, but, you know, whatever floats yer crank.

  2. The official reason for closure was both environmental degradation and public safety.

    I did public records requests and found that the DNR had very little to back up the environmental concerns. Safety was all about high speed road riding (mostly by quads).

    Both issues could have been addressed, but did not have time and nobody that actually rode there was interested enough to follow up.
  3. I have been thinking about going back there for a few years. I used to go back there a lot when it was open. I would be up for a planned excursion.
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    As bad as all that is, its only scratching the surface.
    Quad riders also tend to be;

    huge nascrap fans,

    and overweight,

    and uncaring about designated trails,

    and slow,

    and verbally challenged, "quads" or "fours" are not by their own definition 2 wheeled "bikes",

    and ignorant,

    and deadly coming head on, on a track trail,

    and ugly,

    and stupid,

    I mean really, anyone who rides a farm implement and says its a fun "sport" is a little off.

    Harley riders excepted of course!

  5. That's all true bunch of Walmart shopping mouth breathers.

    Until you go to the dunes.. Quads rule on sand..

    Then there's prozac's truck..
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    Wrong, 500cc two strokes with paddle tires rule on sand. I never found a quad that could stay ahead of me for more than about 50ft! :secret: They are kind of fun on really slick snow, though.
  7. You should do a little more research, there was an accident on that rd, but it was in 2000, and it wasn't quads, it was a motorcycle. The person who died was a 9 year old little boy who loved to hunt, fish, camp, ride his own dirt bike, play baseball, and pretty much anything else outdoors. If you go up that rd you may find a wooden cross where the crash happened, he was my family, my little cousin, do before you go talking about something that you don't agree with, look into it, there is blind corners on that rd and stupid people whether on motorcycles or quads, can't avoid that fact and there would be more crashes and fatalities. That is why they closed it to motorized vehicles.
  8. Necroposting as your first post? The thread is over two years old....
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    I am very sorry for your loss, Jwill, but there are blind corners on most mountain roads, does that mean they should all be closed to the public?
  10. There are blind corners, stupid people and occasional fatalities at basically every ORV area in Western Washington. The same goes for driving on public roads but there are generally less blind corners, more stupid people and a lot more fatalities. Despite that I am sure your not going to advocate shutting down public roads because you use them and that would actually have an effect on your life.
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  11. For someone to show up and start badmouthing people about research you are sure lacking in information.

    In addition to the death of your family member, other people on quads died on that road. The bodies of meth-heads were also dumped on that road.

    Although the public safety rationale for the closure was refuted by the local fire department, the DNR used that as one of two reasons. The other was environmental degradation.

    All the closure reasons could have been addressed, but in general the people that rode there we too lazy to help out.

    At the time of the closure I had all the needed data but no time to fight for somewhere I did not ride.

    I just happen to know these things because I met with DNR Northwest region management to discuss ORV issues on a regular basis during that era.
  12. The longer it went on the more it was a safety issue and folks off the beaten path and crossing the streams. Was part of that WQA group, we worked with the DNR on signs and what not. Was hard to keep the peace up there, then the crashes. One of the 4H kids, girl, not trained on how to ride a quad but new how to push the thumb went flying off that left hand turn. Went air born, ATV stuck in a tree and she was air lifted. Like Mosses Lake, mad house. Miss that place, like Reiter and others. The Mans goal is to keep you out of the woods.
  13. so do quad riders have street bikes? or do they ride a street quad with a missing rear wheel too?:scratchea
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    They have cars, with handlebars!? crackup:
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  15. Recently heard p5000 was back open is that true does anyone know for a fact