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paint job

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by ftball86, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. I have a 01 GSXR 600 blue and white and I'm going to paint it. It has white rims so i'm having trouble deciding what color would go with those rims. I was wondering if any one has any suggestions.
  2. Post up a nice size pic of your bike so we can comment. What color is all your gear and helmet, just out of curiosity?

    My first intuition is all black, but the white rims throws that idea out the door. Unless you want to powdercoat the rims, which I know a lot of guys have done.

  3. not sure how to post a pic. right now all of my gear is blue to match the color. i was thinking all black and then make it look like some of the black is being peeled off showing white under it, not sure how feasible that is.
  4. btw, check your pm.

    Goto and register for free, host the pic there and then just copy and paste the link from there to here. Or send it to me and I can post it for ya.

    I've always liked flat black. That way you can get a "kill lights" switch and since you dont have glossy black your bike wont reflect street lights. When you kill the lights, your practically invisible in the event the PPD are chasing you.

    But it is officially proven that blue is the fastest color. Real world dynos show you can get an extra 12hp just by having your bike painted blue. Has to do with aerodynamics err something...