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Parking tickets.

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by jonnyb347, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. I remember this was a big issue a while back, did they ever do anything? I bought a pass yesterday, and ten minutes later got a ticket. My pass wasn't displayed on bike so is there anything I can do to fight it? Say the wind blew it off or what?
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  2. Mail in a copy of the stub with the ticket maybe?

  3. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    They no longer provide stubs. When that changed, I think there was the suggestion that you take a photo of your proof of payment with your phone. If that blows away or is stolen, then you have the photo. Otherwise, if you used a credit card, you could show the receipt on the CC statement to show proof of payment.
  4. I know I have had issues with that as well. CC payment proof works best they can look up in system and see you were covered in that timeframe. The lady at the desk said it happens all the time to motorcycles.
  5. I always take a picture of the parking ticket when I stick it on my bike. But sending in a copy of your credit card statement is the way to go. I'd actually just take it to the courthouse along with the ticket. By all means, do NOT pay the parking ticket! Who knows if you'd ever get the money back!!
  6. The city will give you a little plastic pouch with a cable lock on it specifically to put your parking pass in...keeps the honest people from steeling your pass.
    All you have to do is call and they'll mail you one or two for free.
    I can't remember the number, but I'm sure you can find it on the internet or call the number on the ticket and they can point you in the right direction.
    You might even be able to search for the thread about it on this forum...the phone or email is in there someplace.
  7. really? a pouch that you can put a receipt in that the next person cannot take out? That is amazing!
  8. Well if you had only learned to read you'd have noticed I stated they keep the honest people out. Not everyone is looking to rip the next guy off you know...or maybe you don't.
    And BTW it wasn't my idea, it was another wonderful gift from the city of Portland.
    They are a bit better than trying to tape it to your bike (without having any tape) to stick it someplace else on your bike.
  9. PBOT motorcycle parking citation cancellation #: 503.823.7733.

    Nothing new has been accomplished. Either take a pic of your parking stub that you're leaving on your bike or buy the pass together with the lockable pouch they provide.
  10. Or just park in a smart park garage...
  11. Several new layers of bureaucracy have been created along with a few PERS jobs. Success!
  12. The only bright spot in this whole parking fiasco, is that the former Parking Manager, who administered this system, was found guilty of taking bribes from the company that started this mess.

    Ellis McCoy Pleads Guilty to Bribery Charges

    Hasn't done us a riders any good though. The contracts are still in effect and it doesn't look like they are going to be cancelled any time soon. Truth be told, even if they cancel the contracts, it doesn't necessarily mean that our issue will be resolved. :angry7:
  13. That's right. And that's why the pay-by-phone pilot program that was supposed to take place in Pearl last summer never happened.
  14. I always clamp the parking ticket down under my gas cap lock, and then take a clear picture of it with my phone.

    Fortunately my bike is a bit heavy and my steering locks. I personally have been told by scooter riders and riders of smaller bikes that people have picked up and moved their bikes out of spots to park, resulting in tickets for not parking their bike in a legit spot. So, maybe take a pic of the bike parked in a proper space. We're legally entitled to a full spot, not just designated motorcycle parking spots.
  15. i don't park downtown much at all, but i had jury duty a few weeks ago and parked in a smart park garage. on my way out, i paid at the machine, then rode down to the exit gate. the lady working the exit gate ran over to me and said "next time, don't pay." i was confused, so asked her to clarify. she explained to me that as a general rule, motorcycles in the smart park garages don't pay and just ride around the exit gate on their way out (there's plenty of room for a bike to slip past the gate when it's down). i asked doesn't she go running after these people, or call the police, or photograph the lic place, etc. she just chuckled and said no.

    not sure of the validity of her story, but thought i'd pass it along. i thought it was odd that she'd go out of her way to tell me this. anyone else heard this? i don't think i'll be skipping out on payment at the garage anytime soon - with my luck, i'll get the guy who doesn't go by this "policy"...
  16. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    I have had the gate attendant wave me through when I attempted to pay. I have also had a gate attendant flag me down and tell me to park anywhere I could fit, with the exception of a handicapped spot.
  17. You are Probably SOL at this point. But there are things you can do for the future:

    1. Pick up a pass holder. I think these are still free and can be picked up from the city building downtown. It's a plastic holder with a wired combo lock on it. It's a pain in the ass to use, but it keeps your Parking Pass safe

    2. Always take a photo of the Parking Pass attached to the bike. I got out of a parking ticket because of this.
  18. I have one of these that Portland Transportation gave me for free:


    My pass is safely locked up every time.
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