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Peninsula photo tag

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Willow, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. OK, some interest, so we'll give it a try.
    Cat had a good idea to include other counties here on the peninsula, so I've also included Clallam, so Coastie doesn't feel left out :nana
    Here are the counties:

    These rules are copied from Yotasupra's phototag. (I didn't want to reinvent the wheel)
    The only thing I changed is from 24 hrs to 48 hrs, to post, once you are "IT." Just harder to get out during these shorter days.

    So, who ever can post a picture will automatically be the "IT" person. It might be a bit before I can get out, so it's up for grabs.

    To answer KitspSV1000's question, just keep it still pictures.
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  2. You're so sweet to include me! (AND Brian!)
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  4. Ok... I almost took out a deer getting this one.


    Hint: Like me, this scare crow lives very close to the kitsap/mason county line. I never noticed that he had a bottle of crown royal in his clutches.
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  5. Ok can someone explain how this works? Someone else has to recreate the pic Lepy took within 48 hrs and then they have the right to post the next one?
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  6. Yes. At least a picture of your MC with that in the back ground.

    Nice Lepy! I just went out tonight myself and took a picture to get this thing started, and you beat me too hit:devil:
  7. While being "IT", poster has 48 hrs from claiming tag (use PNW time stamp of post), to post a new tag. Past the48 hour window, it becomes up for grabs for someone else to be "IT", but they must go back and grab the original tag first.

    This is where Carr and others might get confused.
    There is no time limit on how long a post takes to be found.
    Once you find it and post it, you have 48 hours to create your own post.

    My mission is to keep this in mason/kitsap county. (Brian and his knowledge of roads scares me)
  8. This is correct. Thanks for clarifing this Lepy.
  9. I was debating on taking out the bike today to get a picture too. I never ride to Mason county so all I can tell from the picture is it's either in the middle or the beginning of a turn
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  10. Damik. Saw Lepy's "object" today on my ride.

    Didn't have my camera. POOP!:x
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  11. Phone picture would do
  12. Gotama

    Gotama WMRRA 1st VP

  13. That's ok, at 0721 tomorrow, it's over 48 hours!
  14. Pete, it does NOT matter how long it takes to find it. Someone has to find it to continue. Read the rules bubba!
    Carr will have it tomorrow I bet. I'm surprised this has taken as long as it has. C'mon KITSAP!! The weather is above freezing! get on your damn bikes!!!
  15. Coastie, the 48hr time limit doesn't kick in until someone else copies the current tag. Once that's done they have 48hrs to post their own tag.
  16. Thread is now a stickie. Enjoy!

    - MM
  17. So i understand fully..............

    Lepy posted a picture. check.
    When someone takes a picture at the same spot, they become "IT"?
    or is Lepy "IT" cause he posted the pic?

    Am i screwed up because Lepy was first?

    please clarify Photo Tag Nazi's! :thefinge:
  18. Please define "accessible" by sportbikes:devil:

    Like theoretically possible?
  19. Got it!

    I now have 48 hours to post up my own tag
  20. Ok that was fast, here is my tag:

    Hint: Bad Girls Club
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