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PGR - Patriot Guard Riders

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Platinumwolf, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I just thought I'd ask if there are any riders around here who are members of the PGR. I just found out about them today, and I'm curious how the rides work, and the communication structure, etc.

  2. Indeed. It looks like you have to constantly check out their forums to find out when there are rides, and I have a hard enough time remembering to check out the 2 or 3 forums I'm a part of already! I was hoping that maybe there was someone lurking about our forums who has a little more direct line on that info. :mrgreen:
  3. Actually each of the State PGRs have their own web sites and send out e-mail notiications about upcoming missions. The national site will have links to each one. The Oregon chapter is strong.

    You will be honored, humbled, and moved by each mission.

    Semper Fi
  4. There's a website for the Oregon Chapter? I don't suppose you have a link to it handy somewhere?

    Nevermind. I went ahead and registered on their forum, and it turns out that you have to register to see the local boards.
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  5. Welcome aboard the PGR

    You will find each mission very touching.
  6. I am a member of PGR in Las Vegas and I'm planning a move to Oregon. I moved from Washington to Las Vegas to retire. Only good thing I found in Vegas was the PGR. Looking so forward to moving back among "normal" people.
  7. I know one up north send me a message and I can try to hook you up with them.
  8. Get in touch with the district ride captain for your area and get on his e-mail list.
    There is a sign up sheet, passed around at every mission, that includes a space for your e-mail addy.
    Dist. ride captains name should be avaiable from the national site.
  9. All right, thought I was moving to Oregon and after much debating, we're headed back to the Kitsap peninsula, Poulsbo, WA, actually. I've been trying to get hold of Dave "Dirt" Cox, with no results. Then tried Tracey Lundin, Peninsula Dist. Capt. with the same results. I really want to continue in the PGR but it seems to be an uphill climb. Is there anyone who can connect me with one or both, please? Thanks...
  10. Hello out there, just moved to Eugene & looking for the local PGR. been a member for a few yrs. in No. Cal. & its hard to stop a good thing....ride
  11. Here's the contact that sends me the WA state ride alerts. Contact her and let her know that your are moving up here. Maybe she can give you the info you need.

    PGR - Patty Palermo <handstoheart[MENTION=2292]pat[/MENTION]>

    This is our state captain:

    PGR - Kevin O'Brien <Zonie[MENTION=2292]pat[/MENTION]>
  12. I have been trying to figure out how to participate in the PGR as well and im from the Eugene/Springfield area ? any help?
  13. Just go to their website and sign up. That's all I did and then started getting mission emails.
  14. While I still lived up there, I participated in some "missions" as they are called. Each are memorable in their own way, but here are the ones which I really was proud to join in:
    - Welcome Home for a unit at SeaTac. We had a flag line and applauded each one of them as they cleared the elevator. We could see that both the Service Members and their families appreciated the gesture.
    - Drove to the coast to hold a flag line for a member and rider whose funeral procession included his motorcycle pulled on a trailer.
    - There was one for a Soldier who died alone. His caretaker know he served and connected with the VA who arranged for the burial. The VA also notified the PGR so that this man had someone memorialize his gravesite. His Caretaker told us some of his stories. One of our riders accepted his funeral flag on behalf of his family.
    - The one that will always stick with me is the young man who was a Medic killed in Iraq. He came from family of Firefighters and Policemen. He had undergone training as a FireFighting Cadet and served at many firehouses up and around Vancouver. When his plane landed at PDX, it taxied under a water cannon arch. There was about 2 dozen motorcycle police from various agencies along with 4 dozen police and our 2 dozen motorcycles to provide his coffin an escort for his coffin and hearse to the funeral home. Along the route, each overpass and some intersections had firetrucks stationed with the companies paying tribute as we passed. The next morning, the local PGR chapter provided a rolling flag escort while his coffin was transported around a tour of the various local fire departments before ending at the funeral home where the entourage drove under a huge flag hung under two ladder trucks.

    All in all, it is one of the "feel good/give back" things that you can do for service members. Living now in the bay area and the missions are few and far between with most of them too far away to go to...but I keep looking for the opportunity to participate again.