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Photos: A little jaunt to Port Townsend

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Candiya, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Saturday was gorgeous so I jumped on my bike and took my first solo ride to Port Townsend.

    Gotta love the motorcycle parking in PT. You know those tempting little triangles left over beside angled car spots? They're labeled for motorcycles here... :mrgreen:


    I had the great luck to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the kinetic sculpture parade. These are creative human-powered vehicles that are designed to move through sand and mud, up hills, and across water. Some are ingenious and some are just plain silly, but they're all fun.

    Sorry my photos aren't closer to the action. Couldn't figure out how to juggle my jacket, tank bag, helmet and camera so I parked myself on a bench.


    This big camouflage vehicle had a bunch of cyclists inside.


    After this pink vehicle went by, we heard a big clunk, and the parade stopped.


    It turned out that one of the wheels had come off. Here's a pic with a group of cool bikes.


    The funny thing is the name: "The Aporkalypse, When Pigs Fly" crackup:


    After the parade, I visited a friend at the marina.



    Then I headed home. I wish I had a gotten a shot of the beautiful fields in the valley, but I was finally in a pocket of traffic actually going the speed limit, and I didn't want to test my luck by stopping.

    On one gear-related note, in the chilly morning, I tried layering a stretchy polypropylene shirt and the Cycle Gear Freeze-Out top under my leathers, and it worked really well - probably gave an extra 10 degrees of comfort.

    And one other interesting thing - as I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that the trip was exactly 100.0 miles. What are the odds?


    All in all - a great day. We should get a group together to go to this festival next year. It's always entertaining to see which of these homemade vehicles actually float. 8)
  2. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    looks like you had a blast,

    if you put a group together for next year be sure to invite me +1

  3. Love all the pics, thanks for posting!
  4. Nice lil sunday trip you made there. in for next year lol

    *btw nice bike, they released a repsol trim for 2013, soooo sexy.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2012
  5. I like the 100 mile marker as well!
    From my house to PT and back is almost exactly 100 miles as well!!

    I was there around 2:00 this afternoon with my daughter and her buddy.
    Saw some of the Kinetics in action -
    missed the bike "parking lot" though...
    Is that "the Taggers" Bonnie in your shots??
  6. Alrighty then, I'll be sure to post a ride next year. 8)

    Thanks! Yeah, I love the Repsol look. If anything happens to my plastics, I'm definitely going Repsol. :mrgreen:

    Okay, David, I admit it - I don't know what this means. Hint please?

    You're welcome! I know that a ride to PT isn't really worthy of a road report, but hey, I figured the Kitsap forum could use some bike photos. Plus, I couldn't resist posting the Aporkalypse. :evil4:
  7. The current HOLDER of the TAG is Port Angeles resident riding a Triumph Bonnie (an OLD REAL one though) -
    Check out the TAG section!!
    There was a shot of a NEW Bonnie in one of your shots...
  8. So sorry work got in the way of me meeting you there! Looks like a fun day.
  9. It's like a cool version of flugtag, I love it.

    Great looking pictures, sounds like a fun (solo) adventure.

    about the gear, how did the freeze-out feel after it warmed up?

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