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Pic warning! - a few good lessons about motorcycles

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. This is reposted without permission from the LABiker mail list. Incredible accident scene photo. I'd bet wherever it's served from is gonna have problems cause this one is gonna get cross posted everywhere. Luckily, nobody died.

    Here's the story from LABiker Brandon:

    This photo is from a group ride yesterday (Sunday). A bunch of friends from Springfield, MO went for a group ride in northern Arkansas. Great roads, great weather, great day for a ride. Unfortunately an unknown 'new kid' on a 600RR joined the ride, with a a horrible ego/skill ratio. The guys were afraid to mention it to him, out of politeness I guess.

    They should have. His riding ended up causing tens of thousands in damage, probably hundreds of thousands in medical, and only by the grace of God was no one killed. BARELY.

    This is a shot taken at the scene of the accident, mere seconds after the crash. 'Bo' (lower left corner, *UNDER* the truck), is the new CBR 600RR rider that overcooked the corner and proceeded to lowside and wedge himself *under* the Chevy.

    The older white Ford in the photo veered into the oncoming lane to go around the wreck, decided against it, and started backing down the hill. This is where Jason (Duc rider, Springfield Police Officer) met the truck, 1/2 way around the corner. Jason jumped from the bike just before impact, and ended up with his head/shoulder through the windshield. Paul (following behind Jason) hit the old Ford as well, though didn't sustain as much damage.

    Luckily the other riders knew enough not to move ANYONE, so they left Bo under the truck, and Jason on the hood. Bo might lose his right arm; the doctors haven't decided yet. Jason was conscious the whole time, but understood not to move. Good thing. He's got a fractured C7 vertabra (I think the same thing that happened to Christopeher Reeves). time you think it's rude or impolite to tell that 'over his head' rider to cool down or screw off, think of this.

    This is another picture that might be a little disturbing. It was suppossedly the result of a gxr1 that was doing 174mph and went down. This is a good example of what happens when doing these speeds on the roads can lead to. If you wanna crank it up high.. get on a track, where there are no trees and fence posts to lose body parts to. Even with the best gear, the body is still way to fragile to do these kinds of things. Hopefully by looking at this, it will remind us all that life is short, that doing these kinds of speeds on a hwy is very dangerous.

  2. Why is there a tennis shoe and an astars boot? Who cares if your body is torn to bits-its living the rest of your life in rest home that would suck.

    Good thing you have never went that fast-huh daniel?

    The first one looks staged to me-like some sort of emergency response test-just doesn't look like an true accident scene-and of course it has the saftey message story behind it- a blind corner like that everyone would have been screwed and there would be a lot more plastic- the visible bikes don't even look wrecked they looked positioned-I call BS

  3. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    It is interesting that the bikes in the first pic are in such good shape... and I was wondering the same thing about the odd assortment of legs and mismatching footgear in the second... :?

  4. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    and how it's all bundled together on the side of the road like that... and no blood.
  5. I'm gonna have to call BS on this one as well. The dude on the truck hood looks "placed" there - I've responded to a body/bike vs F250 (bigger truck) and there was much more damage to the front/hood/window of that one. The bikes look "placed" in the road as well, and judging by the damage (if this is indeed real) they were only going 20mph or so, and on that road I couldn't imagine bikes traveling that slow.

    Also, there aren't skid marks where the "old truck was here", or really any slide marks of BO going under the chevy. also, as stated above, no damage to the vehicle, not even the bumper. Don't even really see BO anyway. and did "old truck" back up from the point of impact to the guardrail with the dude on the hood? and if so, why? since they said they knew not to move anybody (he has fractured C7). Doesn't add up. And look at the group standing at the corner of the truck bullshitting with a dude thats hurt on the hood and not one of them attending to him. hmmm, can we say NO!

    And finally, at accidents in the period of time before police/fire arrive, people don't worry about getting the bikes up off the road while people are trapped under vehicles and on hoods. Especially if this pic was taken "seconds after the crash".

    Ask me, and I realize nobody did, but this is totally staged, if its even a real picture. To me it looks like maybe the bike in front of the chevy wrecked, and people stopped (all of the trucks that are there). then someone used a photo editor to add the other bikes and people (especially the dude on the hood, looks totally fake) and as people have mentioned, not too much damage (if any) to the bikes in the foreground.

    Sorry for over analyzing this, but this kind of stuff is ridiculus, if someone wants to make a point, then use facts and research to do it, not photoshop.

    anyway, its been awhile since i've been online, so i'll say hi and whats up. this weathers been teasing me, i wanna go ride! hope all is well, talk to you all later.

  6. just a little side note on the neck fracture part. Christopher Reeves had a fracture further up than c7 because at c4 is your diaphram control for breathing and Christopher didn't have that luxury. I would guess his fracture was at c2 or c3. Not that anyone is interested in that anyways lol.
  7. The second pic is one of 4 that I carry around on my jump drive and take a look at occasionally to remind me of the street dangers of going fast...too fast. Here are the other 3 that came from the bundle I received some time ago.



    Ride safe...nee
  8. I have seen the photo of the group accident once before. It is a fake/staged. Someone on the site that I viewed it even "reversed photoshopped" the guy on the hood of the truck to show what the truck really looked like.
  9. KillermondoDude

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    what it looked like to me was EMS training a multi casualty incident withone hell of a difficult extraction (guy under the car) Ive had some evil trainers in the past ( responded to a gun shot where one of the victims when rolled over shot my freind in the chest with a paintball pistol with red freeking paint, He actually reacted as if hed been shot)
  10. yeah, the last picture, why is there a boot and a shoe? did the guy not have a pair of boots or shoes so he just mixed matched? haha fake
  11. I feel like I'm gonna barf now.....
  12. That last pic... what's left of dude's face... I think you just talked me into a full-face helmet, even though it appears he WAS wearing good gear. I wish I had something more meaningful to add, but all I've got is:Eeeewww, GROSS!