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Pics from my ride wed at GP

Discussion in 'Trail Reports' started by JW, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. JW

    JW jasons_r1

    So both my bikes are down that i normally ride at the Gifford, I decide to take my daughter ttr 125 out, what a trail eater! [​IMG] My buddy Steve getting a work out on his 426 yamaha. [​IMG] We did about 40 miles of single track, Epic trail riding!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. DRS

    DRS Banned Camp

    what bike are you riding? i can't see any rads..

  3. JW

    JW jasons_r1

    I was on my kids TTR125, This is the first time i have came home after a 40 mile loop of single track and not be sore. I didn't think you could have that much fun on a peewee bike lol.
  4. DRS

    DRS Banned Camp

    oh i'm very aware of that... but the majority of folks think you need a hopped up 250f mx bike or 450 bigbore bike to have fun.. i've tell everyone that more often then not, guys are faster on bikes way down on HP rather than having something with all kinds of juice... nice... :mfclap:

    never fails though, a newb wants a starter bike to have some fun on, and someone always suggests a bike not suited for the environment, and way too much to motor to handle..
  5. I love the ttr, it's a great bike!

    nice pics!
  6. I'm jealous. Awesome pics!
  7. SHWEET. Cant wait to get up there with you guys!
  8. i can definitely tell on those trails how a lighter bike would be fun. I rode a crf230 for a few minutes when I borrowed the bike so Barbara could ride, and i'll tell you what, the honda 230 was really fun. I hopped back on the 426 and it felt like a bus!

    Nice shot of Rainier
  9. GixxerPete

    GixxerPete Forum Synopsizer


    So many people think they need the biggest baddest bike available to be "fast" on the trails, when usually the opposite is true. Apparently everyone thinks they're the next David Knight when in reality, they're um... not.
  10. JW

    JW jasons_r1

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  11. DAMN! Theres no room for error on that trail. :shock:
  12. GP is awesome, nice pics and report. That yazoo trail never gets old, even on a 125. :mrgreen:

    Some epic views up there for sure. Hamilton Butte is one is my favorite spots to ride to in the state for the view alone, so awesome to spin in circle and see Helens, Adams, Sisters, and Rainer.
  13. JW

    JW jasons_r1

    That trail is nothing compared to the double diamond trails, dont pull a ole man rivers on me:nana

    yep the views are killer for sure! Im just hoping the gnarly trails will be ready when i go on vacation late Aug early sept.
  14. how do you get there? Looks pretty sweet!