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Pics from RTD Bike Night - Operation Homefront

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by fishrscary, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Since I was working parking, I didn't end up being able to take many pics. But here are the ones that I did manage to get....

    CHECK OUT OUR AWESOME PARKING ROW!! You would have parked here if you didn't show your bike. There was a lot of awesome looking bikes at Bike Night.


    Check out who won the BEST SPORT BIKE trophy winner! Our own karnagebusa!!!!


    Hey, XxKREWxX! Yolanda's looking good!


    I can't believe this woman didn't enter her Bike... There was a trophy for best paint.


    SMOKIN' HOT BRAND NEW BMW (1100RR, I believe)


    Yup, I did enter my bike into the show, this is before I put it in the show section.


    This bike had these crazy cool green zig zag light thing - I know, not the best description.


    Future PNWRiders Members!


    I think guy should have won "Best Stock Bike". But he was beat by a vintage (like 1940s) bike, I didn't get a chance to see the winning bike myself, but one of the judges said that it was pristine and stock. Amazing. Also future PNWRiders...


    EVERYONE - POST YOUR PICS!! :mfclap:
  2. The burnout sesh at the end was DOPE!

  3. No one took pics?? Really? The ones that I'm uploading were the few I was able to take while running around, and I got a few from my friends that uploaded a couple pics to their FB page.



    Bike show entrance:

  4. I got one pic but its not very good

    PS.. I love that you remember my bikes name!
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2012
  5. Yeah I fogot my camera.Next time.Nice pics and thanks for helping put this event on.
  6. sniff nxt time but at least i came to support
  7. the one that tried or the one that did cus both were entertaining
  8. Really both... the one that tried was hilarious!!!

    “ just fucken lay on it!!!"
  9. How can anyone forget Yolanda? :mrgreen:
  10. The next time there will be a bike night as big as this one will be for Denise's (Squirrel) Benefit/Fundraiser.

    So mark your calendars! September 15th! I'll post about it very soon.
  11. Looks like you had a great time, sorry I missed it.

    Dang the whole "Work for a living" thing.
  12. Denise??The one that was hit last year on his harley??I will mark the calender for that day.
  13. looks like thats my weekend off so its a go as of now for me.Keep us posted.
  14. No this is the woman who was hit on her zx10 and the doucher drove off
  15. Wow, great looking bikes! Sucks I had to work, but looks like it was a lot of fun!
  16. is that the one in the Spanaway area that was hit??
  17. Denise (Squirrel) - was run off the road, but she rides a ninja (bigger than mine, of course). I wasn't a member of PNWRiders last year, so I don't know about the person that got hit riding a Harley - but that really sucks too! You know how there's been three hit and runs that I have heard of in June? She's the only one that survived. RIP to the other riders... So I'm working with kitkat (Mardi) and Debra (of Biker Sisters) to do a bike night for her, since she won't be able to work for a really long time. Two broken ankles and a broken leg and her job requires her stand and walk around all day. She doesn't qualify for unemployment because she wasn't laid off or anything... So this REALLY sucks!!

    Here's a link to the transcript. The news clip still works (on the left) of page:

    The TV reporter was standing right in front of the curve where she was hit. She passed that red car LEGALLY before that curve in a straight away, where it was LEGAL to do so. There's a few PNWRiders that wrote comments because the idiot guy that started the comments was so rude. He only looked at the TV new clip and assumed that she passed the red car (that was who hit her) on a double yellow into a blind curve. Come on, how stupid is that? No one I know would be dumb enough to pass a car over a double yellow into a blind curve...

    Not only that, but the cops didn't believe her. Since the car bumper hit her tire, there was no "proof". The cop/s (I don't know how many she talked to) thought that her "accident" was due to excessive speed, because she was out there alone. I can't believe that the cop/s didn't even take into consideration that she was telling the truth!! She's 52 yrs. old and a mom too, and she doesn't ride crazy...!

    This situation is so messed up that even my non-motorcycling friends are helping out by donating stuff for the raffle and auction AND volunteering to help out during Denise's bike night.

    I'll post a "Save the date" in a new thread.
  18. Dennis was hit close to me on stelicom road in lacey.Was re-ended by a woman texting and killed him.Massive brain trauma.May have been avoided with a full helmet but thats not the issue here.Another guy died out by me 2 weekends ago towards Tenino.Hit a deer going to fast on the backroads
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