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Pictures of Ride last Saturday

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by LoveHate9, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Here are some pictures of the ride that happened this last Saturday. It was fun.



  2. Wow that looks like a blast.

  3. I added IMG tags to your post so the pics would show up lovehate...

    dang next time post up the ride so i can make it. saw fred that night and said he had a blast. is it true he laid his bike down again??

    where did you all ride to?
  4. I didn't hear that he laid his bike down. As far as I know every one stayed on 1 or 2 wheels. We went to Springdale then over through Deer Park over to HWY 2 back down to Spokane. We ran into a small amount of rain but other than that it was a great ride.
  6. crazylady

    crazylady Crumbcatcher

    Wow, what a turn out! I wish I could have gone! And it looks like you guys did a good job of staying together. I never seen the post, but of course my computer has been down the better part of a week and a half.
  7. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    That was one of the better group rides. If I'm not mistaken that is the one that Jabstar lead and that we had to stop out on the reservation because his chain had come lose. That was a good day. Not a lot of macho egoism, people were there to just ride.
  8. Para-dice

    Para-dice Paradice Paint

    mine too! :mrgreen:
  9. Yeah how you guys ever manage to get things started :mrgreen: Looks like a really good turn out.
  10. So uh... how many of those bikes are still in one piece? :toothy7:
  11. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

  12. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Is that the one where my chain fell off, or the one we hit the rain on!?
  13. Do y'all routinely block intersections like that? Looks like you're all just asking for trouble, especially in that last pic. :scratchea
  14. Great turn out !!

    I missed that one GRrrrrrrrr...

    I am already looking fwd. to spring/summer rides !!!
  15. Kris

    Kris Italian Stallion

    damn, thats a better turnout that the silverwood weekend.
  16. This must be the one that we hit rain on because I was not there when your chain fell off. My bike is still in one piece. :rr:
  17. Para-dice

    Para-dice Paradice Paint

    mines still together :nana