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Ping LoveHate9

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by SpokaneXX, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Did you realize you picked up a Ninja Green Jeep as your shadow on Sullivan from Sprague(sp) to the west bound off ramp about 6:30 this evening...

    What was up with the mini-wheelies?

    Squid... crackup: :thefinge: :nana

  2. About 730 this evening I saw Jay aka Lovehate rolling downtown Spokane on Sprague, you blew right by my office window. All I heard was exhaust, looked up and saw yellow and dreads flashin' ICON!

    That be one mean gixxxer sixxxer!!

    Ride among us.

  3. Just for reference...[​IMG] I was on ya dawg.

  4. :shock: I'm in love! I want a green jeep!

  5. Your desire can be arranged...but for a mere pittance... :evil4: :evil3:
  6. beansbaxter that coulda been me on my new yellow zx6r and yellow icon jacket on sprauge just got my bike last monday and looking forward to riding with ya all
  7. That is a SICK Jeep...what year?
  8. For some reason I can't see behind me when I am doing the mini wheelies. I cant get the front end up much more than that. My bike doesn't have the power to get it up like some other riders I know. You should have ran me over for that stupid !@#$. Sorry to wake you up at work Daniel. :nana crackup:
  9. :thumbrig: :notworth: I envy that jeep so much...drool....[​IMG]
    heres mine...

    its a work in progress....