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PING: Spudman!

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by beansbaxter, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Saw you ride by the Breakfast Club in Moscow this morning, but you couldnt even stop by ya punk! Shwaa might not forgive you :mrgreen:
  2. Was wondering if anyone noticed. crackup:
    I had a 9AM design review to attend, still needed to finish looking over some docs. But I though the least I could do was come by and rattle the windows, maybe stop for a coffee. But I didn't see any bikes around so I figured plans had been changed or I just missed all the crazies. I plan on being over at Trixie's place tonight. Will I see you there?

  3. I'll be there. I'm at the Daily Grind in Pullman on Main Street until 5pm, then heading over to the BBQ. 1000 and G-Spot from Spokane will be here in a few minutes, corodododododododor was already here.