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Ping the Speed Triple rider at the BBQ...

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by SpokaneXX, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. PM me a number I can call you at. I think I need one and I have some questions...


  2. The owner of the speed triple is Shwaa. I havn't seen him post in a few days, he is probably recovering from the excitement. I am sure that beans has his number.
  3. just talked to shwaa on the phone, i pm'd you his cell #
  4. was sitting in the library this eve and came across a pic in an old mc rag...I might just have to sell/trade the 954 for one. I was never a fan of the "hooligan" look...but this one made my pee pee go doing doing doing...what a sexy bike.


    FWIW the 'Bird stays
  5. I'll not call him this late but thanks...after reading the reviews in the magazine and some online reviews... I'm very interested.

  6. you can call him this late, im talkin to him right now...he is sittin in the bar in moscow, idaho
  7. I think I'll wait 'till we each have clearer minds...but thanks bro!

  8. i rode that shit :thefinge: :nana