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pitbull stands front and rear - $100 (Gig Harbor)

Discussion in 'Westside' started by JohnnyM, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. where are the pics dude? i hope mic bans you.

  2. I flagged the ad.....
    anyone doing this:

  3. Its a screaming deal, so I didn't expect it to last...and there really isn't any more to the ad than what I posted anyway. We've all seen Pitbull stands, and even in oxidized used condition, they're worth $100 each. If the ad is gone, its because they sold quickly at the listed price or because:

    Normally, I would agree. But in this case, I found it by searching "aprilia" it was effective and smart, especially considering they can be used on ANY of the listed bikes. Pitbull stands tend to be non-brand specific, unless you're looking for a single-sided front-handle stand.

    I quoted the ad as written, and it doesn't say "$100/pair" either...if you actually think you would get the pair for that cheap, either you or the seller is a complete idiot...and the seller isn't looking too dumb right now, so...yeah.

    I know the weather is winter-esque and all, but I wasn't aware the DOT had already begun sanding your collective vaginas...usually that doesn't occur until mid Januaray...chill the f*ck out, people.
  4. rules are rules buddy

    i own a single sided front & rear handled stand. i own an MV too. why the dig at single sided stands? whats your prob with fancy bikes? jealous?

    you perpetuated the lie, you liar.

    my vagina itches so bad it hurts.

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    Hehe... that was funny. Rep.

    EDIT: Or not. Gotta spread the love, kinda like I do on PJD's grill.
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  6. HA! rep
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