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Place to shoot?

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Carr, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Anyone know of any good places to shoot out around Kitsap County? I know about the Poulsbo and Kitsap rifle clubs, but I was looking for something more along the lines of off a back road out somewhere. The gun clubs tend to frown upon pumping .223 rounds into full unopened beer cans :)
  2. Lone Rider

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    ALCOHOL ABUSE !!!!!!!:x

    No I dont. There is a closed dump out towards Holly that people used to shoot at decades ago. Too many houses everywhere. Also the gravel pit behind the camping area on Wildcat trailhead. But really dont no where its cool.

  3. look on the maps for forest service or DNR lands, then if it's forest service, look on the forest service website for their restrictions, and if it's DNR, look on their website.

    but, basically, public land is open to shoot at if you are far enough away from other stuff (like roads/campgrounds/etc) and are shooting safely, unless, of course, that land has been closed.

    one thing to note, just because the forest service or DNR hasn't closed it, doesn't mean it's not closed, check with the county as well. (example: snohomish county's "no shoot" map on the sheriff's website)

    just please shoot safely (with a backstop) and clean up when you are done so that area remains open.

    privately owned land is really your best bet

    in the end, except for the easter egg hunt, I'm going to start shooting at ranges...gas to get where I can shoot is more than range fees, and frankly, I'm more worried about improving my shooting at this point than about what I'm shooting at.
  4. I shoot at a range one or two times a week
    I understand about shooting to improve as opposed to shooting to shoot.
    But there are not many longer range ranges either.
    I'm thinking across the canal...
    I can ask around a couple friends that indulge...
  5. Not really anywhere in Kitsap to go plink. As I understand, there is no target shooting allowed in the undeveloped spaces of KC.

    Mason county is where I would check. Hope you find something.
  6. I'm a member of Kitsap rifle and revolver range, and they let us shoot anything except glass. Fruit, tennis balls, golf balls anything. They only ask that you clean up after your done. I've got my 223 dialed in at 150yds, we should go sometime. I just picked up a couple long range rifles I need to dial in.
  7. I thought you're supposed to drink all the beer first then go shooting.:scared
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  9. Dewatto area a place called four springs drive up the dirt road by the shot up mailbox and there's tons of room to shoot up there
  10. You can't shoot in Kitsap County anymore. When we were kids we used to be able to shoot pretty much anywhere in the county. You can't even go out to the power lines in Mason County anymore. They shut it all down when people would go shoot and leave all thier trash everywhere. So the counties started blocking access to all the backroads. The only places you can shoot other than the ranges are across the hood canal and even those places are becoming scarce. Things just aren't like they were when I was growing up. Good luck on your search.
  11. Thanks for the info guys! A couple years ago my brother and I went looking out in Jefferson County across the canal bridge and we found a couple old logging roads where we could go out and target shoot, might have to go back out there some more.
  12. evidently there is some place by an outback steakhouse with a biker dood and an old guy with a cane where the shooting is pretty good????
  13. A bunch of bikers with slung AR's cruising down the street would be an interesting sight...:devil:
  14. Difficult to find someplace to shoot in Mason Co. unless you want to park at a gate and walk in anymore and that severely limits the toys you can take with you.

    Before the gates, there were dozens of good areas up to 800yds to shoot out there with easy access.

    Not any more and it sucks.

    Good luck finding a place across the bridge, I noticed a lot more gates out there the last time I wandered down Toandos Peninsula that weren't there the last time I hunted out in that area.
  15. I guess that'd be where a dual sport would come in handy... Let me know if you find anything... I'm on pnwguns too... I've been wanting to shoot, but gig harbor sportsmans club is a joke, and kitsap rifle and revolver is too far out for me to go AND pay, one or the other is fine. let me know, I'd love to go shooting :) $10 100 rounds of 9mm ammo ;) or to play with my .22
  16. Any national forest as long as it is 150 yards from a developed area and you do not shhot living trees is legal
  17. ...unless the national forest has closed that area (like they did along the i90 corridor) or the county has closed it (like the sultan area)

    but, of course, I already posted all that above...
  18. just went up to the four springs area in dewatto again yesterday its right on your way towards dewatto beach (the old oyster shack is on the right side by the water) but that mailbox is hard to miss, now it looks like there mighta been a couple 45 rounds put through it, but TONS of places to shoot up there every other dirt trail has a makeshift target range setup
  19. Hey Carr, if you go out Bear Creek Dewatto road and turn Left onto Tahuya Blacksmith road, it turns to dirt couple miles in and there are some cleared areas on that road with room, very much in the sticks. This is Mason county not kitsap and i shot there last year.
  20. Isn't there a cluster of houses down there at the end of Tahuya Blacksmith road? That's the part of town I've been thinking of checking out for some out of the way places. Thanks for the suggestions! Need to just head out and start cruising down some of the dirt roads one afternoon and find something out of the way.
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