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PNW Riders Marketplace Guidelines

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by admin, Jan 10, 2012.

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    We hope this Marketplace section helps out anyone or any business who would like to promote or advertise to the PNW Riders community. Please use the Classifieds section for private sales, as this Marketplace section is for anyone who wants to advertise their business, products, services, events, specials, sales, etc.

    Yes, anyone is welcome to advertise in the Marketplace, but please be mindful of the Marketplace guidelines for posting:
    1. This forum is not intended for private sales. Please use the Classifieds section for private sales.
    2. When posting up a new thread that involves something tangible, you must a) be the owner or authorized representative of the property being listed and b) be in current possession of the property.
    3. If you list something For Sale, you must include a price.
    4. If you list a motorcycle or vehicle for sale, you must include year, make, model, mileage or estimate of hours, and price.
    5. Threads with nothing but an external link to follow for more information are not allowed. Listings must include a description.
    6. Promoting external websites are not allowed. (Forums, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Social Communities, etc.)
    7. Group buys are not allowed. (Unless you're a Site Sponsor)
    8. No firearms are to be sold.
    9. Advertising or promoting in someone else's listing is not allowed.
    10. Berating, hassling, or insulting someone about their listing or asking price is not allowed.
    11. Derogatory or negative remarks in threads are not allowed.
    12. Attempts to “appraise” other people’s listings are not allowed.
    13. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in removal of your thread with or without warning.
    14. Please only advertise in posts and threads. Advertising in signatures and avatars is not allowed unless you're a Site Sponsor.

    If you are selling something, please try to include pictures.

    Don't berate or hassle
    If you don’t like someone’s price, send that person a private message if you really feel the need to comment on it. If their listing or price does not suit you, feel free to move on.


    Interested in advertising outside of the Marketplace?
    If you're interested in advertising outside of the Marketplace, all advertising options and rates are publicly available by clicking the "Advertising" link at the top of the forum.
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