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PNW RoadRiders' Spring Break in Lewiston

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Bill Anderson, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Last year some of you Cougs joined us PNW Roadriders for the "Palouse Prowl". Well, we will be back in two weeks for "Spring Break in Lewiston". We are planning a ride from Lewiston to Wallowa Lake and back on Saturday 4/16, followed by a ride from Lewiston to White Bird Hill and back Sunday 4/17. More details will be posted at our group site, which you are all invited to join:

    Roadrider members include several distinguished Cougs (is there any other kind of Coug?) that I first met on the old WSU motorcycle club site. Although the old site is now up and running again, Daniel suggested I post the announcement here as well.

    Bill Anderson (WSU '72) Edmonds, WA.
  2. Hey Bill...welcome to the site.

    Yeah a lot of the riders in the Pullman area frequent here, as well as others around the state who are distinguished WSU Coug Alumni. Can you say that in Mandarin for me please?

  3. Hey bill, thought the road riders bit the dust, hadnt heard much comin outa you guys in a while! Sad that you had to pick the weekend im in oregon to ride over here, but whatcha gona do. Hows the bike been?

    That guy
  4. We have been quite active: Second Saturday night dinners at Cafe Veloce in Kirkland and third Saturday rides including recent runs to the Pelican Pub in Pacific City, Oregon; and the Geoduck Tavern on Hood Canal.

    Our most active members are in the Seattle and Portland areas. Us wet siders don't get over to the good side of the state too often and no one from the dry side stepped up to organize local rides. Check the group site to see what we have planned this spring.

    The "new" ST4s has been quite good.
  5. Hey it may be dry over here, but I used to surf in pac city in the mornings before work in salem, I MISS THAT!

    THat guy