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PNWR Xbox Clan Anyone?

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by MrAirman, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Alright Alright I've seen others do this before so here's my suggestion:

    All you xbox fanatics out there let's get a team together and tear it up!

    What do you think??? Any Gamers out There??? And NOOOOOO turning this into a PS3 vs XBOX WAR cause we all know who wins:thefinge:

  2. it'll just be full of manginas....
  3. All i play is FORZA III feel free to add me: flyingcesar
  4. COD, Gears and all Halo games. What is a PS3? :scratchea
  5. crackup: My gamertag is Latinstunna218) And I play all great xbox games like COD, Gears, Halo as well. But mainly in the Black Ops action.
  6. It's special secretive box created by the X-MEN that allows you to link up to a alternate universe providing endless opportunities of creativity where you meet a less mature version of yourself and you adopt to a alien language where you Noobs!
  7. Thaloc on XBL. I play Halo Reach, msg me if you want your face molested.
  8. LOL, you going to molest my face with what is in your avatar pic? I am nvrlvl on XBL
  9. I'm big into Black Ops as well, when I have time to play these days. Gamer tag is nvrlvl
  10. Im a surgeon with a DMR. Give me a Banshee or a Wraith and watch me go 40-0 in a BTS.
  11. As soon as they stop getting hacked bringing down their authentication servers. Fucking noobs.
  12. To play alone because the network keeps crashing?
  13. Thats not crashing, they're getting hacked.
  14. It crashes because it gets hacked?
  15. theateamm

    halo reach & mw2.
  16. Yeah, google it up. If your on the PS3 Network they prolly got ur credit card info too. FUCK PS3, buncha fucking pre grad programmers that cant even fend off a denial of service attack.
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