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Portland Area Versys Riders?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by versys, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. I am new to the forum and just searched "versys" and did not see many recent posts. Just curious if there are any other Versys riders in the Portland Area?

    Thanks- Neal
  2. I ride a V, but sadly, I'm not local. It's pretty hard to find other Versys riders around, not many people ride them.

  3. Had my V just over 2 years now. Monday (9/24) will be the first time on the track (PIR) for me and the V.

    As Nemesis said, they are few and far between. I actually parked next to my green, 2009, twin a few months ago at the East side Cycle Gear.

    Hope to see you soon, I ride out of Beaverton towards the coast for most rides.
  4. If ya want a great resource for the Versys, I would reccomend
    It is a forum dedicated to the Versys and has very knowlegable people on there.
  5. Newberg. Everytime I see another V on the road I damn near crash. Not many around here.

    26k on my 09.
  6. Few and Far between is right.

    I may soon own a versys, but the rarity is making it difficult to find one within a reasonable distance. I did find a nice one in prineville I might pick up.
  7. Pro Caliber has a blue one on craigslist that is a decent deal if it still has all the goodies. They have a picture of it with exhaust, crash bars, and bags but then most of the other shots are of a stock bike. They may have stripped it and sold off the good stuff.

    I ended up flying to Texas and rode mine home though. Definetly no great deals around here.
  8. I saw that but disregarded it because I didn't want to screw with the aftermarket exhaust, I prefer to buy bikes as stock as possible. I find it leads to less wondering what the F the previous owner was thinking when he modded X or Y. If it's been put back to stock though, i may give them a call.

    The one I'm looking at has also never seen dirt, which I like. I like to be the first to really abuse my toys :devil:
  9. Thanks! I will have to check it out! I used to ride a Duc Monster S4 when I lived down in San far I really like the V. It doesnt have all the power I am used to, but I really like how it handles and plan on going on some extended trips on it. I also really like the idea of putting some slightly knobbied tires on it and exploring all the logging roads there are in the PNW.
  10. new to the forum, and fairly new to motorcycles. The Versys is my 3rd bike in as many years. I must say it is very comfortable, with decent power and good handling. A great commuter for sure, ready to go for longer rides on the weekends.

  11. Nice post. I like it. Thanks for sharing these information. Keep it up.:mfclap: :nana
  12. Well I picked up a spotless red 2008 last saturday!

    Took me a whole six days to highside it :angry7:
    Good thing I decided to add collision to my policy...

    I'll post some pics once I get it back from EDR
  13. Oh no, highsiding it is definately no bueno. If ya don't mind me asking, how did it happen and are you alright?
  14. turned left onto a side road that was chip sealed, and still leaned over goosed the throttle slightly more than intended just as I hit some gravel that was in the shadows (illegal gravel most likely). Lost the rear for a sec,and it drifted right, then it hooked up and over i went. hit pavement, slid for a bit until me and the bike went in the ditch.

    I came out pretty good, got about a hands worth of road rash on my right thigh, and other than that just some minor scrapes and cuts. My jacket took the brunt of it, making me wish I'd had full leathers on. It came out serviceable though, props to the people at tourmaster(coaster II jacket). Same with the sidi fusions.

    holy crap am i gonna be sore sunday.

    By the way, your handlebar will be completely mangled before the barkbusters storm handguards even think about breaking.
  15. Ya, The stock handlebars are kinda soft... Though its better that the handlebars bend but all the controls and frame are still intact.
  16. Also check out ADV rider's PNW regional board. There are a few Versys cats on there. Kind of a cult bike, which is too bad because they're buttloads of fun to ride.
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