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Portland International Raceway open for legal street drags

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by beansbaxter, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. The Portland International Raceway track is open every Friday and Saturday night from 7:00pm to 1:00am for street legal drag racing.
  2. :scratchea You live in Seattle.......

  3. hes the forumn creator/ admin...its his job to post cool news like this...buuuuut...dead thread!!!
  4. Cool, wanna race? :evil4:
  5. Sure:evil4:
  6. MCA8690

    MCA8690 McLovin'

    Holy thread-revival, batman. 3 years after the fact, huh? :shock:
  7. Thought we'd blow the dust off for ya....... to da top :evil4:
  8. I'll spank anyone on here in a drag race! :nana:thefinge:
  9. Thats the Spirt no worries though its ok to dream :nana:thefinge::evil4:
  10. so if i knew how to spell halucinating i would have said you must be but since i cant (or maybe i can if thats spelt right) you are dreaming
  11. Your not refering to that SLOW Mustang, are you? :scratchea I didn't think so. crackup:
  12. PIR also runs Wednesday nights too...
  13. Whats the cost? I always wanted to take my car out there on the track. I can do drag here in Woodburn.
  14. tokin

    tokin Hello Kitty Fan

    why the fuck did yuo bump this?
  15. He probably bumped it because drag racing never dies :evil4:
  16. Im not sure but I think on wednesday its only the 1/8 mile but I could be wrong
  17. Here it is "hallucinating" you almost nailed it lol, I couldnt spell it either but spelling check did it for me :evil4:
  18. It was 1/8th, it is now 1/4 (as of this year).
  19. Thats Kool