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Portland: New to forum in 2012? Introduce yourself!

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by lena, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Welcome to Pacific Northwest Riders! We are glad to have you, new riders are always welcome, any experience level or any bike.

    If you're new, please post up here and introduce yourself. If you have any pics of your bike (or bikes), post those as well, we love to see them.

    And welcome Coconut! This bug is hard to get rid of ...
  2. Howdy PNW Riders!

    Some of you guys may know how i am by the fun couch AKA red honda st1100 that i have put a few miles on. But then again maybe not... lol I'm Adam and ride year around here in P-town. I up graded to a triumph sprint this year, but that ended sadly and now have another one to play with! :)

    I thought i was a member of pnwriders, but i guess i never did sign up for what ever reason. So here i'm. Let's see if i can get a pic up for you guys....

    Yeah what is the best way of getting a pic up?

  3. Welcome, Adam!

    Come up to Ava's on a Tuesday evening for Tuesday night coffee sometime!
  4. thanks for the link lena...

    @ Melbs5150 thanks for the invite to ava's. I was there about 6 times last year. Good place to hang and meet new riding peeps.
  5. Hey guys/gals! My names Joe. I've recently traded my car for a '96 Honda CBR 600F3. I'm pretty excited, I've been wanting to ride street bikes for a few years now. I've finally been forced into getting one because I couldn't afford insurance on my car (a story for another time). didn't really have to twist my arm too much ;) I was never able to afford one so decided to trade my car...anyways, I've ridden dirt bikes and quads in my early years so I'm pretty comfortable on my new bike so far.
    I dont have my endorsement yet but will hopefully be getting it next month once the team oregon classes start.
    -Just wanted to introduce myself and say that I'm excited to join your community and will hopefully be riding with some of you in the near future! :mfclap:
  6. Welcome. There are alot of weirdos in here lol. Laters Hath
  7. haha yeah, it is a forum for portland...i can appreciate that :p
  8. Hello everyone,
    My name is Chris. I ride a 2010 Thriumph Thunderbird. I just started riding last May, and I'm looking forward to learning more about this obsessive hobby.
  9. Hi Gang. I lurk here occasionally, and hope to get out and meet some locals as weather improves.
    Ten bikes in the stable (mostly projects), but stay at home Dad duty isn't providing much ride time these days.
    For now, wrench time will just have to do.

  10. Time to add a sidecar to the collection.... [hint-hint]

    Welcome, wasn't a stay at home, but was a single parent raising two kids. Got myself a sidecar for the Wing and rode all the time with the kids.

    Welcome to the insanity!!!
  11. Howdy all,

    I am new to the forum. I have been riding non-stop since May everyday. I sold my 740il and I have not looked back. I rode dirt bikes as a kid. I knew I was going to love riding a full bike, but I had no idea how much. I am selling my M50 and loving my FZ6.
  12. +1
  13. hello everyone,
    I started riding a little while ago and just bought a 2003 r6. I love this bike, it is my new obsession. I am selling my ninja soon though having trouble letting go of it. I cant wait till the weather gets better and i can ride without terror of sliding out on a corner. I want to ride more aggressively but that has already gotten me into a bit of trouble this winter (thank god for gear). hopefully i can ride with some of you once the weather gets better, thursday is supposed to clear up a bit.
  14. Welcome, Miranda! Good to see another chick rider. :mrgreen: Come join PNW Angels (women only), if interested.
  15. Thanks for the welcome.
    We actually have a couple of outfits (one in pieces).
    Got the R60 rig running for the boy's last birthday:


    It still has some issues, and hasn't been run since.

    Gotta get to working on that one. Hood river meet in April, and the Chehalis meet next May.
  16. I think you must have been the one that Molly (Red GSXR-600 with Blue Helmet) met at PSU a week or so ago?
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