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Portland scooter riders

Discussion in 'Scooters and Mopeds' started by pdxRuckStar, Dec 6, 2010.

Would you ride with a scooter crew??

  1. YES

    77 vote(s)
  2. Maybe

    15 vote(s)
  3. NO

    7 vote(s)
  4. HELL NO

    23 vote(s)
  1. My crew and I ride the Honda Ruckus so if anyone out there rides 49cc to 150cc or bigger and like to ride with the slow guys look us up. We love to ride.

    Me conducting a meeting before we starting our ride
    Our pack mule for long BBQ rides to Hagg Lake
    There are 4 of us that you can find riding all the time. This was near Pacific City.
    My resting spot in the hills for a safety break.
    My mom over the summer helped me take my girls ruck home. Well on germantown road she hit some gravel and hit the road. Thank god shes a Harley rider and the 49cc of power was easy for her to lay down.
    But if you dont care about going slow PLEASE ride with us. We love larger numbers on 2 wheels. we have riders that ride there big bikes with us.
    Look us up on Facebook. We post all rides there. If I get a good response to this we might start posting rides here as well.

    I understand the motors we ride are small but if you come out and ride with us over the summer you will like what you see. Hell maybe we can get some of you to buy a ruckus. there not that much money and look what they can look like.
    Bikes are made from some friends in Cali, Rucksters Customs.
    The LV project is just a beauty.
    Thats right OCC likes em.
    Ok ill leave it at this. I can post about the ruckus all day. I look forward to meeting some of the PNWRiders as soon as this weather warms up. My 49cc hates the cold.
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  2. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    Yeah, definitely not. I was on a scooter for about three weeks, realized it was weak sauce, and moved on.
  3. I think it depends on the scooter myself. But damn 2digit riding slow and low is to much fun to give up. You gotta come out someday when we get a ride together. Do a fly by or something but you gotta check out the Ruck.
  4. Cute is CougarCock's "Sunny Meadow" ruck.
  5. can you stunt those rucks? lol I want one lol
  6. Oh hell ya, some of my best riding memories is on a scooter. I will have to finish up my YSR and roll with you folks, lots of fun to be had right there.
  7. YES YES more riders, we welcome all riders of all size cc.

    The rucks can be stunted in the hands of the right person. This is a super bike friend of mine. His ruck is down right now because hes welding up a new motor mount and other frame work. But it can be done.
  8. I've wanted a Ruckus from the day I first laid eyes on one.
  9. Me to, but I wanted the 250cc, and they scrapped that one before it even started. Go figure.
  10. Here would be nice. Don't FB and not gonna.

    Keep the thread updated with what's happening and everything will be good.
    Isn't there a non-ruk Portland scooter group? Have you got in touch with them?
  11. Oh yeah Twist&Play is the bigger group here but also Uphillbattle, and the PuddleCutters are another one. The Vespa owners call us plastics so I guess hey hate us. But we still mod and work on our rides so F em. but we still ride with some of them. Spring Scoot is the event for the scooters, so cant wait for that. But for sure I or other Ruck riders will keep this updated.
  12. you should let me ride one with you guys lol. i wanna check one out let me know when you guiys meet up
  13. If you guys get together on a good day I might be able to get one of my buddies with a GY6 out to ride. Its a fast little scoot. Hes taking it to cali in the next week to get work done. so it will be coming back looking better then ever.
  14. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    Flat out bad ass little bikes. If I could find a nice one over hear they would be totally fun to rock. I had a couple that lived down the street from me that would go everywhere on those things. Packed them up and have never seen them sense. Working on a CT70 for daily commuting (4 miles to work)...but a Ruk...that would be great.

    Thanks for the thread!!
  15. I love the rucks! I used to ride a real "plastic" scoot (honda metro)- and the ruck isn't one. I'll own one someday. (College+ apartment+ only vehicle is moto= not right now.)
  16. I fixed it for you.
  17. Just a shout out to everyone.. Hello Cougarcock here :nana

    Thanks pdxRuckstar for jumping in on this forum and sharing the deets!

    I hope we can meet up and ride soon with some of you.
  18. Heres that "cute" I mean fast little bike.
    Oh right you wanna see the bike.
  19. postwhore: Hi CC :mfclap: