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Portland SPOTTED 2012

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Sirena, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. AKA missed connections! No new thread yet this year?
    I won't post pics unless I know you and actually plan on blackmail, or you and your bike are super-hot and worth stalking 8)

    Spotted today on SW 6th headed to PSU just before noon...fellow w/ black backpack on a nice red FZ (6?)
  2. Spotted a .silver cbr. Rider with a bright green funky helmet with horns red backpack rockstar jacket......oh wait that was me lol.cause know one else was riding.laters Hath

  3. lies i was out and about lol
  4. I'm still out there on my R6.
  5. I just wanted to call people out lol. Im glad to see people out there. Ride safe everyone
  6. I ride everyday on my cbr, rain or shine.
  7. same here
  8. I saw a dark (black?) gixxer on hwy 30 just west of 205 today. He must have been trying to keep his upper body warm as it looked like he was trying to pump the handlebars up and down. Either that or it was the weakest wheelie attempt evar.

    But at least he was on his bike...
  9. I spotted a black triumph speed tripple on way home from work a few days back. Was near Lloyd center and I-84, on SE 11th. Bike looked clean. Whoever you were /wave.
  10. spotted 4 bikes while waiting for my bus at farmington and murray in beaverton :p all within about 10 mins.
    yellow ducati? black and red helmet, loud pipes, loved the sound.
    blue sv650, rider had a blue helmet...couldn't hear his much (though he was farther away.)
    what looked like a black and red r6, dude was practically laying down on his bike going up murray...super slow. was wondering if it was comfy with all the luggage he had on that thing.
    also saw a smaller cafe brownish color.

    --thanx for making me more jealous that i can't ride yet xP hopefully getting my endorsement next month :-/
    until then...see you guys at the bus stop...
  11. Black Ducati ST4 on Skyline and Germantown. Ciao!

    But ... chased a white golf GTI down the end of Skyline, he actually was good! :mrgreen:
  12. Rode up to skyline today, lots of bikes out, waved at everybody :)

    Saw: Green ZX6r on burnside, to barnes, and on 26w took the cornell exit.
    Guy riding with his girl following on a green ninja 250r, dont remember your bike :/
    Lots of Harleys...

    I was on a black Z1000
  13. Saw a crew of cafe racers on skyline. Pretty sick looking! The blue R6 behind them looked sad :( tho. LOL. I didn't see enough riders out today.... too many bicycle. Out to bike raito
  14. Lots of Bikes out on Washougal River road. Made it out and back with plenty of time not to miss kick off.
  15. Saw a red VFR at about 745AM on McLaughlin going towards downtown PDX. Rider had, "full tilt riders" written on the back of his jacket.
  16. That might have been me. Was the rider a big or small person? :nana
  17. That's Shelly and Ron, he was on one of his many Ducati's! :) I saw them too.

    Hey! We weren't all cafe riders. :nana And YES! It was so awesome to ride 13 deep.
  18. Yellow and black bike, yellow helmet. 1PM, top of Sylvan east-bound, exited on Market. Check your rear tire.You either ran over some silver paint or your tire is fucked.
  19. Spotted so many bikes today!

    - LADY RIDER... Blue suzuki with biggol loud painted fairings, camo pants and military boots (it appeared) and blue jacket with black backpack. First saw you when we merged together across the 405 bridge, then you got off at Sylvan I think it was. Rock on lady!

    - Little old school Norton, appeared to be a young man riding. Why for you no wave back at any motorcyclists? We rode together for a few miles, passed about 20 bikes, and I didn't see you wave once. Nice bike, though. Looks fun.

    - Group that crashed and stopped at Skyline- sorry your bikes are fucked. Glad you guys are safe.

    - Blue suzuki (I think) that I approached in the NW area and got onto HWY 30 with- I exited at the Cathedral Bridge. Why you so slow? ^.^ haha, sorry.

    And to everyone else I saw... thanks for the waves!
  20. Ghostrider, US26 EB @ Cedar Hills. Too bad you didn't hear my whoot as you went by.
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