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Portland Weekday Riders!

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Russell, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Hello :)
    With all this nice weather and Unemployment I have found myself doing a lot of weekday riding so I decided it would be a great idea to post a thread for anybody who is also interested in riding on the Weekdays.

    Simply post to this thread anytime you have a free weekday and feel like connecting with fellow riders for a nice, leg stretching, mind clearing cruise around our beautiful City of Rose's! Hope this thread is useful :) Cheers!!!
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  2. mmm i was the same .. when i had mu unemployment checks lol now not so much .. but ill see ya out there when i do have the fundage lolol .. 3 years and running unemployed
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  3. Same and post the pics from today lol
  4. Gorgeous day, would be a shame to not be on two wheels.

    I'm looking for more rides too :thumbup:
  5. not for me today is oil change and clean day lol
  6. Thanks Matt,
    I was checking the one and doesn't look like much activity going on, last post was in 2011 so decided to at least throw a thread in the main forum to see if anyone is really interested. Plus I will be posting at least 2-3 rides a week, weather permitted, on this thread :) Cheers!
  7. Thursday Ride 2/9 (Weather Permitting) Forecast Says 55-60; 10% Chance of Rain.

    OK Guys and Gals :) I have a route I am riding this Thursday, not exactly sure how rough the roads will be so might not be the best ride for beginners but anyone who is up for the cruise is welcome to join me. No Hooligans :/ Or Crazies though.

    Here is a link,, to the route I have planned. Stopping in Lincoln City for lunch and wrapping back around toward Hillsboro, about 200 Miles.
    Meeting at the North Plains Chevron 10:15am, KSU @ 10:30
  8. only if we can park air bikes on or near the beach and take a photo lol

  9. Sounds like an awesome bro-date for you guys.
  10. Lol only with you Matt but i don't think my girlfriend would like that. But I was trying to make alittle fun since we road to tillamook and he wanted to go to the beach.
  11. :stir::popcorn:crackup::nanadontfeedt::wf
  12. Where the hell is Oregon riders one lol
  13. Be careful on Nestucca River Road. There is a long dirt section (packed dirt usually fine) and a lot of blowdown on that road this time of year. :shock: I have ridden it later than this and had to ride through sawdust in corners because they chainsawed logs and did not bother to remove the pulp.
  14. Thanks for the heads up Caslaw :)
  15. cant we make this meet there at 11?
  16. Im cool with that. KSU @ 11am sharp :mfclap:
  17. Update on my Thursday departure:
    10% chance of rain an highs in high 50's low 60's near Lincoln City.
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