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portland winter storage

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by cassandraj, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. So the season is winding down. I'm reading some articles about what to do with my bike over the winter. I don't have a carport or garage. I don't have a trickle charger or a storage unit.

    I have a bike cover. I have a driveway but no electric plug. I also don't have any friends with a garage or shed. I can do the basic maintenance for winter (change oil to 5w-30), probably drain the carbs and definitely add fuel stabilizer.

    When I do decide to park it for the year, where should I do so? These articles say some dealers will store the bike. Are there such places around here? Are there storage units with electric plugs? Will they perform the maintenance before spring riding starts up again?

    What can I expect to pay for winter storage? I searched the forum for history on the subject but didn't find any hits. Maybe my terms were bad (Portland winter storage, Portland winter).

  2. Ride it.. if you don't then put it on stands with a bike cover. I park mine outside with a cover when its snowing or freezing. Other than that you should ride it. My 2 cents. Laters Hath

  3. We are in same are of town. I have a garage where you can park it if you wish. Just send me a PM if you are interested.

    Good buddy of mine let me use his garage to store my bikes, so I am happy to return the favor to someone else.
  4. Season winding down? It finally got cool enough to ride two weeks ago...
  5. Phew tell me about it! Perf leather jacket is feeling nice right about now.

    On the subject of storing the bike, I try to keep a full tank of gas in it and also add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank so that the ethanol in the gasoline does not cause damage to the fuel system.
  6. Wait.... People actually park their bikes for the winter? Why f#ck they do that????
  7. Like these other guys said. There is still plenty of good weather left and I still ride during the winter no matter the temp as long as its dry-ish. There is enough nice days here and there and if I think there might be a a while of no ride I put in stabilizer. Doesn't hurt to ride with it in your gas if a nice day comes around. Jacket degree chart... 75 and up textile no liner. 65-75 textile with liner. 55-70 leather without liner. 50-60 leather with liner. 40-50 leather with neck zip sweatshirt and liner in riding jeans. 30-40 same as before and usually only by accident. LOL
  8. I am also willing to store your bike over the winter. I have plenty of room in my garage. I also go out and start mine every couple of weeks to keep the battery happy. I could start yours at the same time. I used to have a 2006 Ninja 250. PM me if you are interested.
  9. Ride it year round...go to and buy some gear and keep riding till it starts to ice over...then and only then is it winter storage time...but even that is only for a month...if your worried about traction put on pr3,s and dont look back....
  10. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    I had my bike parked on the street for years, under a cover and at times it was not started for months and it would always fire right up. As long as you have a good battery, you should be alright. Since your bike is carbed, you can always put some fuel stabilizer in the tank for the peace of mind, or run the bike dry, or empty out the carbs after you empty out the tank, which would be the best option.
  11. +1000! Invest in some warm gear and ride the thing!
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