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Possible private track day in Late august

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by SpokaneXX, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. A friend in BC sent me this email:

    "Hi Jon, hope is all well with you. Did you ever sell the RR?

    Anyways, I've bought a Gixxer 750 for the track this year and am hoping to come Aug 22/23 to Spokane w/ a similar group that went down last year when we met. We just neeed a minimum of 6 people before we can rent the track. Would you be interested in those dates (Mon/Tues) or have some friends (who hopefully are 'mature' riders) who would be?


    Anyone interested?

    By, "mature riders," he means no loose cannons. Skill level should NOT be a serious issue. With 6-12 bikes on the track at SRP it's like having the track to yourself.

    It will be an open track day...self governed and no medical on site...

    He'll need to know soon who can COMMIT to one or both days...I'm in for at least one day.

    Anyone? Cost= $120 per day.
  2. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I am up for both days just tell me where to sign...

  3. Yes...per day.

  4. Can people just come and watch at no cost?

  5. Absolutely!

    If you just want to watch there is also July 30/31 free to watch. If you head out to the track pass the first gate and go to the second gate, right across from the entrance to the pen, and USE CAUTION as you will be crossing the track...if there is not a corner worker there, look to your left...twice before crossing.

  6. Sounds great...a Monday or Tuesday? The Tuesday might work for me also. About the track conditions what are they and who do we pay.
  7. As far as the track goes...these guys are heading down from BC to ride it... You pay fat Tony...a SRP well as a pretty okay guy.

  8. These are good deals. The BC katz were there last monday (4th), was a grand total of 20 bikes, and the track was EMPTY. I might be in, depends on work.

  9. I might be in, depends on what my new schedule is in ICU.