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Possible ride to San Fran or LA

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by rockandroad, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Sup guys. I've been itching to take a decently long ride. My work is slow and I can get a week off pretty easily. I've got a heated jacket and grips, a klim gore tex suit, and waterproof a* boots. I'm not too put off by the weather and I'll probably camp on the way there and back and stay with some people I know down there. So I'm just looking for pointers on where to camp along the California coast and what to expect as far as road conditions on 1/101. And any route suggestions if you had 7-8 days to ride.
  2. I am faced with mostly the same questions (except no camping for me), but I am trying for the beginning of June before Summer vacation and motorhome madness on Hwy 101.
    I don't have the entire route planned yet, but from Klamath Falls I'm heading down to Yreka, then taking Hwy 3 down to Hwy 36 and head out to Fortuna on the coast. Then down Hwy 1 and zig-zag between the coast and Hwy 101 on some of those ridiculously twisty roads.
    A week will just scratch the surface in Northern California.

  3. Would be highly interested in anything about this route; i'll be doing LA to Tacoma area this June after Daughters graduation. I don't plan to camp, just budget friendly hotel/motel.Any advice on routes, places to go (or avoid!) would be much appreciated! Good luck on your rides!
  4. Highway 3 is a wonderful route. I am just not sure of its viability in the early spring and winter.

    There are a few passes with elevation.
  5. Google maps lists Hwy 3 as closed during Winter. Does anyone have any experience with this road or know what month it usually opens?
  6. I would definitely be interested in this ride, or at least part of it if I can't make the entire trip. Keep us posted on your plans!
  7. Spouse and I took most of the coast road down to Cambria, CA in October '13. Didn't get to the coast until Reedsport (had to make last minute detour through Eugene). There was a fairly inexpensive place to stay in Crescent City on the way back. I'll have to look up what the name was. Eureka was a traffic nightmare. Plan your stops...we ended up the second night in Garberville. That was a mistake. Only hotel left was 170 a night. But I wasn't too thrilled about pressing on in the dark. The stretch of Hwy 1 from Leggett to the coast is a kick. We stopped at the drive through tree park on the way home....just to do something touristy. haha

    It was cold and foggy most of the way down. I was very happy that I had my heated gear.

    Toll fees s/b on the Golden Gate. You can pay via the internet afterwards, or wait until they send you a bill. Traffic sucked getting down from SFO, but for the most part, people were fairly polite and accommodating. I wasn't interested in taking a crash course in lane splitting, especially on my NT700, as fat as it is, so we just puttered along with traffic.

    I highly recommend Skyline Drive, Hwy 35. We took Hwy 9 north from Santa Cruz, then caught 35 from where 9 meets up with it. Awesome ride. It was fooking windy that day, 35 mph+. made for an even funner ride at times. eek!

    There was also a decent, and not too $$ hotel in Santa Cruz. From there you get the more popular stretch. Ride through Big Sur was beautiful.
  8. the chemist

    the chemist ducatiduane

    I did 101 down to SF from Lincoln City. I HIGHLY recommend riding the Avenue of the Giants. Just make sure to pay attention when you approach pull outs. The shadows/tree diameters make the sensation of speed surreal. It's marked as 55, surprised its not 35 though. Pavement gets increasingly better headed north to south.

    If you're looking for a cool spot way off the beaten path stop at Shelter Cove on the Lost Coast. It's gorgeous, with a handful of million dollar homes, black sand beaches, and nothing else.

    101 is interesting in that it's everything from twists to 4 lane super highway and changes in the blink of an eye.

    Keep in mind you can lane split legally in California. It makes it really nice when you do get into traffic (road construction).
  9. have a look at this app. for your smart phone: ALLSTAYS CAMP AND RV. I've used this for the last 3 years - Seattle - Reno - SLC - Seattle; Seattle - LA - Death Valley - Zion - Moab - Grand Canyon - Sequoia - Seattle; Seattle - Denver. It works!

    The RV Places have showers



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  10. I also recommend at Half Moon Bay south of SF on the coast. Say hi to Cameron for me. He's a good guy that let me stay for free in the backyard before the RV Park was done. Hwy 1 and 101 are excellent riding. I've done it several times.
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