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Possibly the best info vid I've ever seen...

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by ddonacazx12, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. The first video is from Twist of the wrist 2 video. Kinda cheesy at times but has VERY good info in it.

  2. Lol ya. Twist of the wrist 2 vid and book are a wealth of info, tho the video can put you to sleep with the way it's narrated

    2nd vid scares me... Did he really say some people were too scared to use the front break ? How do they stop in case of emergency :scared :scared
  3. Awesome vid, MSF classroom required video!
  4. The post usually starts with "I had to lay her down........"
  5. Nice vid thanks for posting it.
  6. I gotta read that book!
  7. While we're at it: Nick's book (Nick Ienatsch, from the second vid), "Sport Riding Techniques", is also fantastic.
  8. well worth review
  9. OH MAN!!

    a question I OFTEN ask: "How often do you practice 'emergency' braking?" (with the requisite discussion about how you can't really practice an emergency - yes...

    but - here's my suggestion on how and when...

    every freekin' time you ride!!! When you are on the way home, or out of your neighborhood - somewhere you are familiar with...

    Pic a spot in the road, some marker and make that your 'start' spot. Always make sure no one is behind you, or coming toward you (so an 'isolated' spot of road is needed). Then - when you get to that spot, simply stop as quick as you can.

    By using the same spot each time, on a road you drive often (neighborhood) - you are able to judge your effectiveness. Don't try to break a record each time, just start with your comfort level... and slowly increase your 'intensity' of braking.

    Another way I do this is at the start of the ride... somewhere relatively soon after leaving the garage, tires still 'cold' - do the same thing. (again, neighborhood street is great for this!) Cruisin' about 25-30, cold tires... When I try to stop quick, it tells me immediately, and EARLY in my ride how everything 'is'... like - my tires are cold, my reflexes are cold... everything is 'cold' - so when i can stop on a dime, It tells me I'm 'ok'... or - if I feel all shaky, it tells me to CHILL out today!

    ride safe ya'll!
  10. I did one of those E stops out in the middle of nowhere one night. Just though I hadn't tried it on my old FZR1000.
    So I'm rolling along on the Duval Hwy and out of the blue I grab a handful.
    OK, that was good. Controlled, smooth and over all a good emergency stop (down to 5mph). I take off up through the gears at a brisk pace, just around the next bend, 5 Deer crossing the road. The first on the opposite shoulder two in the road and more coming. OMG!! A whole pack of killer Deer.
    Without that random E. stop I would have been right there.
    This is a true story. I scared the hell out of me. Haven't seen a Deer on that road sense.
    That was MORE than just luck.

    So yes. Play with the brakes.
    Brake are good, brakes are fun, not everybody does it, but everybody should.
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