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Post your "ricer" vs Harley stories!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Max_&_Blondie, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. OK, I'll start:

    Way back in the Pleistocene era of the later 1970s, (the disco era :mrgreen: ) a buddy, "Kevin" and I went for a nice cruise on the "Sacramento, CA strip". This was downtown Sacramento, and a bit wild and free at that time.. well, he had no bike that night so he "borrowed" a 400F honda 4 cylinder, enough to get him in the game that night. He was a great rider and so many stories I could tell of our insane rides.. I had my near new, Honda 550 F Supersport. Nice candy red color Honda.

    Well, as you can guess, him 18 and me 17, we were cruising for chicks: We found a few girls to party with, later in the evening 8) but while prowling the mean streets we came to a stoplight where a fine gentleman, heavily tattooed (only Harley riders and sailors had tattoos back then :evil4: ) was attempting to kickstart his POS Harley chopper. It would not start (of course) and his "old lady" was standing next to it while he attempted this impossible task :mrgreen: My buddy Kevin, ever the instigator and wise-ass, said "hey buddy, buy a Honda" and of course to one-upmanship kevin, I said " Yeah get a Honda, man!" as we drove out of the green light.. fun stuff, hahahaha crackup:

    Well, great, right? We continued the cruise circuit a few times until the incident was forgotten and we met some "foxy" girls with a Camaro.. we were to meet them in a few minutes after our last circuit.. (we did in fact and it's unforgettable) when I took the last turn to meet them and Mr Harley suddenly came out between two parked cars with a leather glove with 2 inch spikes mounted on the knuckles :shock: he took a vicious swing at my face that would have taken me off the bike and maybe blinded or mutilated me, but I ducked (I had my helmet hanging on the side of the bike, you did not wear them when "hunting" in those days, no helmet laws either.. I wore the helmet on the highway home) anyway, he missed and I then at very slow speed taunted him for a 1/4 mile as he screamed obscenities at me and chased me. Great fun and I knew my Honda would not fail me.. that's confidence in the Honda brand because he had buddies..

    Let's hear your fun stories,.. I know you got 'em!! I have lots more!
  2. I dont support hatred to any biker because of the type of bike he or she rides.
    Assholes on all sides... Harley still has the world record for fastest motorcycle (piston non jet)... :scratchea

  3. I love all bikes so don't get me wrong, but I do enjoy showing the ease that the inline 4s produce horsepower to the harley lovers every so often. One such case was a few years back when they had a dyno outside a bar over in Lewiston and were giving awards for the highest horsepower pull for the day. I thought oh hell, my dragbike is all torn apart or that would have been easy. I went by anyways just to see what they were up to and enjoyed watching the harleys struggle for high 80s on the dyno after putting thousands into their motors. I was on my zx-11 at the time and commented that mine would easily pull over 100 and it was basically stock. One of the harley guys that was about to run his supercharged hog stated he would bet me 300 dollars that his would out do mine and he had cash in hand. Well, I was a little sceptical as his was bigger and he did have the help of a big air pump attatched to his engine so I waited till he made his run. He pulled 118 HP and I thought, what the hell. So we strapped up the ol 11 on the dyno and all the Harley guys were certainly rooting against her. But, she stepped up to the plate and pulled a respectable 127 hp and won me 300 dollars. wooohooo go stock go!!

    I then won some more money a few months later when I bet them I could make over 300 HP on the dyno. They might have gotten the wrong idea that I would be putting my zx-11 on the dyno so I let them know that it was an older bike.......based off of a gs1150. :oops: So the look of surprise when I unloaded my 12 inch tire, Kosman pro-mod chassis, 22lb turbocharged, 1500cc big block suzuki.......well it was just priceless. Then after pulling 459 hp on the dyno, I got a standing ovation by the Harley croud. AHHH vindication !! :twisted:
  4. I don't hate Harleys or their riders.. but they do hate non Harleys it seems. Irrationally, they mock what are clearly technologically superior machines. Not one in ten Harley riders I wave at will wave back, and all one needs to do is drop by a Harley type business on your Japanese bike to see the distain and hostility.

    My father rode harleys in the 1930s and my brother used to restore Harleys. His last one was a 1938 Police bike. I don't hate the bikes at all, even though street Harleys are not fast and don't handle well by comparison, and I would not want to own one. If Harley had made a trick V-4 like my V-Max, I would have definitely considered it. They make updated antiques and it's just not my bag.

    What it really comes down to is many Harley riders have no sense of humor and can't laugh at themselves, so we have to do it for them. :nana Also keep in mind I was 17 at the time of the above story. I'm now 44 but the story remains funny crackup: Also keep in mind that even though I am a well-trained martial artist with street fight experience (self defense) I would not chase anyone down with a spiked glove or even barehanded for making fun of my bike or me, and that also says a lot.
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    2 nights ago while I was riding home had a guy on a chopper try and show off his speed at the light at welsley, I gave him a "nice bike mang" then the light went green and he gunned it, with backfires each time he shifted, then at about 50mph it broke and he had to coast into the parking lot of the pizza place on the east side of the road, could'nt help but chuckle.

  6. Well i ride in Sturgis with 600,000 other bikes with 90% of them harleys and never have any issues. Of course most of those people are more real bikers than these city riders who "try" to appear to be a biker. Nothing better than pulling up on a ricer wearing sturgis shirt, and having them ask you if youve been. Their response is usually "some day id like to go"..
    At least in sturgis i had a harley rider pull up and ask if my bike was a TL (which it is) and say right on. At alki i had a guy get off a TL and ask me if my bike was a GSXR!!! Ive had my share of harley guys trying to race me, i give them thumbs up, or stop and talk to them after. They all seem to be guys who used to have a jap bike and are just amazed at the difference our bikes are now than then. Now you wanna talk about a type of vrs, talk about ricer cars actually thinking they can take you :)
  7. I agree with most of you in that I accept all people that ride motorcycles no matter who they are or what kind of bike they own - of course there are some pricks amongst them, which of course the same goes for how some of we sport riders act in public (some of who should be ashamed of how they ride). However, my favorite was a few years ago two of my friends and I were out riding and encountered a gigantic formation of Hardley riders in perfect formation cruising along at about 10 mph under the posted limit - we got ourselves into the middle of them and passed them all weaving in and out of them just like they were orange cones - by the time we got the front there were so many pissed off guys you couldn't believe it - My red necked friend Brad ( who has no respect for anyone) stoop up on his bike and stuck his rear in the air and kept going - those guys tried accelerating to catch us but of course it was a lost cause as were out of sight within in a matter of minutes -

    If you really want to start a thread though you should start one on the owners of BMW motorcycles - we have a nickname for them too - BMW stands for Bitchers, Moaners and Whiners - - they think their bikes are superior to all other bikes and in most cases ( the new ones I'm referring to ) are over engineered and over weight slugs - though they are working to change that with the introduction of their 05 and 06 models - but it is fun to get that group going -

  8. And dont forget those groups who rides everyone's favorite motorcycle, Cagiva!
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    I've never meet any hostile bikers, rude ones perhaps but never hostile. I wave at anyone on two wheels and if they don't wave back the next one will. I've had Harley guys warn me of speed traps, compliment the bike and even call me up for rides. I don't think that the kind of bike you ride should automatically put you into any kind of stereotype. Just my 2 cents.

  10. I have a few hostile stories of my 12 running past some BUSa's. Does that count? When I have one for lunch, I like my BUSa's with salt and pepper, how do you like your's?
  11. I must be really new to biking..but in the few hundred miles i have put on my bike i havent had a single person not wave, not even the old dood on the big chopper..maybe I'm just not as ricey as you guys... crackup:
  12. Soul.. I ride a science fiction version of a Harley.. the Yamaha V-Max V-4 power cruiser. I wear full black leathers/boots and wave at everyone. 9 out of 10 times the Harley riders won't wave back. I ride in the Olympia to Seattle area mostly and that's been my experience.. Japanese riders wave back 9 out 0f 10 times, BMW/European make riders maybe 70% of the time.
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    dude, your bike has the bling sparkles :)

  15. Diversity is great, Mark the service manager with Shumate Harley owns a stunt modified R6 and Shumate also sent me a flyer on the new Gixxer 1000 being the bike of the year.
    I too have not experinced any hostile attitudes except from Buell truck drivers. They run I90 to fast sometimes cutting corners and coming out to wide.
    In reguards to Harley they are the biggest and baddest motocycle business alive today. How did they get that way not from dicrimminating amoung the people but giving them what they want. It appears speed is the "minority" when it comes to the business of profit and production.
    Since some are hacking Harley powered bikes what about the Buells? My bike wieghs about the same as a light 600 with about 100rwhp and over 80ftlbs of torque. Ive out ran my fair share of inlines...on this little phenomenal bike.
    I also enjoy v-max and magnas beautiful bikes.
  16. remember when amc built harleys...thats funny enough without having to go into an actual story!
  17. For those who don't know, AMC era Harleys make old British bikes look great by comparison! You could track an AMC from the oil droppings!! :evil4: