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Post your stupid driver stories

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Xiphos, May 31, 2005.

  1. I just thought i would start a funny thread where we could all post the funny stories we have seen at how stupid some drivers were.

    Yesterday, I was driving through a construction zone, they had the guys out there with the slow/stop signs directing traffic when to go and what not. When i had gotten to the stop/slow part, both lanes were open so the east and west traffic could both go...but the construction workers holding up the signs were showing the 'slow' part to both lanes of traffic. Well i was behind some lady and we passed the guy which was directing our lane which said 'slow' but when we approached the guy who was directing the other lane....she saw the 'stop part' and decided to stop. Even though the guy wasnt facing us at all, and was just telling the other lane to go slow. hahaha i laughed so hard then felt bad that people like that have driver's licenses.

    Another story....driving on the freeway going eastbound with a barrier in the middle, and an ambulance flew by going westbound, and a lady in my lane decided to pull know, just in case the ambulance needed to jump the concrete barrier...oh man
  2. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    I don't have a story in particular, but I love the guys who are suddenly inspired to race whenever they see a motorcycle. I've even had mini-vans try to beat me off the line.

    There's some guys who feel the need to race, even when your bike is parked! I've been hanging out with friends in parking lots (somebody is finishing up a cigarette or the like), and seen guys drive by slow and stare at our bikes...then ZOOM! They make their best effort to squeal the tires of their Honda Civic like it's going to impress us. crackup:

  3. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Oh wait, I forgot about the sneaky racers! Like the guys who sit at a stop light without looking at you or revving their engines...then they floor it, maybe getting like 10 feet ahead of you for a quarter second before you figure out that they wanted to race. That's the best.

    I was eastbound on I-90 cruising 80mph (trip from Silverdale to Moses Lake (one quick stop for gas)) when a corvette came out of nowhere, blasting by me at about 120mph. I could see him throwing his head back laughing and bragging to his girlfriend because he had obviously won an imagined race.

    His whimsical expression wore thin when I shot back up to him in a few seconds, and waved at him and his girlfriend. He floored his vette until we reached 140, wherein either his vette ran out of balls, or he did. The busa was virtually yawning, and I twisted the throttle sporadically, shooting up to 155ish, then back down to 140, just to rub it in his face that I was patiently waiting for the real race to start.

    It never did.

    I finished him off with a quick blow by at 170, and left him far behind.

    Yeah I know, it was stupid of me, especially on I-90, but nobody else was around, and oh the pride...
  4. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    i just let the wannabe racers go. one of these days they'll floor it and leave me at the light but find out there was a cop right in front of them...

    people think that i'm racing them when they're going fast and i'm keeping up with them. then they speed up to try and lose me, but they don't realize i'm just using them for cover to get to where i'm going faster and in case there's a cop somewhere... silly cagers. they get all giddy when i slow up and they keep going...
  5. The ones I am sick of are drivers who haul ass out of their driveway's to get in front of you only to slow down to 20mph through a twisty road with no place to pass. Happens to me at least three times a week on the way to work.