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Power Yamaha (Sublimity) and Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by ChrisMag, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Quick story - I purchased a 2009 KLR650 w/62xx miles from a private party in Lebanon, OR last Saturday. In our discussion, the prior owner (awesome guy) confirmed that the wiring harness had previously been replaced under warranty at Power Yamaha in Sublimity due to a short which had occurred during the first few months of ownership. Aside from that, he had experienced no issues. The bike was clean, very well maintained and I believe what he told me.

    A few days later, the bike failed to re-start after gassing up. I bump-started it and took it home to test the battery. The cells were low, so I added some distilled water and charged the batter for a couple hours. Voltage peaked at 12v and so I knew the battery would need replacement.

    I picked up a new battery the following day and tested the charging voltage at the terminals to learn that the battery was not receiving any additional voltage regardless of RPM. I pulled the fairings, remove the stator and did a diode check - no issues. I traced the wiring between the stator and rectifier and sure enough, there was a short. The replacement harness had been routed behind the sharp edge of the metal bracket which the rectifier and coolant overflow bottle mount to, and over the next 3800 miles the bracket cut into the harness. My purchase was a clear-case of an unfortunate coincidence.

    I spoke to Kawasaki today - the rep was nice but as the bike is out of warranty by 5 months, and given that the harness had been replaced previously, he explained that it was on the dealer to resolve the issue given my description of poor installation. This, despite the fact that the 08-09's had a recall for harness issues which resulted from chafing (my VIN was not on their recall list apparently).

    I contacted the dealer, and they confirmed replacement of the harness at 24xx miles in November, 2010. I explained that it appeared the harness was installed poorly and damage had resulted. The dealer declined to do anything except offer a small discount on a replacement harness. Again, he (Sean) was very nice, but it seemed that his manager did not feel that the issue was their responsibility to resolve. I asked for the part at-cost in-lieu of a free replacement and they declined that request also.

    I asked if I could send pics and they provided an email address.

    The prior owner went into the dealership (he purchased the bike new from them) and got no additional help.

    At this point, I'm not expecting anything positive to happen in terms of support from the OEM or the dealer who did the service work. Most likely, I will have to attempt to cut out the damaged wiring and replace it, and then examine the remaining harness for other suspect locations where damage might occur over time. Most importantly, I do not know if the stator is damaged from the short-circuit, and it's a $400 part on top of the $315 harness (offered to me for $275 by the dealer).

    I've owned 13 bikes in 18.5 years. This is my first Kawasaki. I'm not impressed so far. I've bought a bike with issues before, but have never seen such resistance from an OEM and dealer to correct a known issue however (there are numerous posts on the KLR forums about damaged harnesses on 08+ models). After not getting anywhere with the OEM and dealer, I filed a complaint with the NHTSA. I'm considering filing a BBB complaint against the dealer also, but I'll await their reaction to the photos I emailed this evening.

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  2. hope they make good after seeing those pics :angry7:

  3. I understand kawasaki's position on this. Their warrantee is only on defects straight from them that they can't pin on you for whatever reason. Other than that. The dealership should take full blame for routing the wires through a problem area like that.
  4. It sounds like you're pretty screwed on this one Chris. I'd be supprised if the MFG or the dealer made something happen on your delimina. Used bikes are a crap shoot, as you well know. Good luck though.
  5. That's power for you.
  6. Hmm, this should go under reviews for everyone's future reference. Let me know if it's OK to move.
  7. Yeah, it's disappointing, but my only real gripe is that Power Yamaha won't at least do right by the situation and sell me a harness at cost. They'd be out nothing and would save face at the same time.

    You're ok to move it Lena. Thanks.
  8. Oh ya, and a definate +1 for reporting them to the BBB, this sounds like a case of them not installing it correctly and than not fixing te problem they caused.... Make sure the dealer knows that you will report them.... BBB threats carry a lot of weight IMHO
  9. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    I recently learned that you can check a stator by running your bike off a car battery, without the car running of course.

    The bike will run on that fine for a good chunk of time. Give it a short amount of time to warm up. From there, check voltage AC between the legs coming off of the stator. There should be three. If all three are delivering equal voltage at varying RPMS (Try idle, 4k, and 7k), it's doubtful there is damage. Of course check for continuity between legs and ground, as that would be indicative of a short.

    If all of this checks out, your stator is okay.

    I imagine since you were capable of findign the short, you'll be perfectly capable of soldering in a new wire. If not, I'd be happy to help :)
  10. Ok, will move but keep us posted if you achieved anything. This is exactly the kind of stuff that Internet is for: to point out bad service and warn others.
  11. Power Yamaha is on a fast decline sice they got rid of Don. When in there for service and they were wondering where i bought my Fiat fairings. I bought the bike from them:tard:
  12. I am the Service Manager at Power Yamaha and I feel that not all the truth is being put out for people to read. The first time the wire harness was replaced it was already out of factory warranty and was done by the dealership under goodwill, that alone says that we are willing to stand by our product. What I'm confussed about is how customers can hold the dealership responsible for a bike that the didnt even buy from us.

    I understand that your upset that it isnt working like you hoped but that is the risk we take when you buy something private party. I had the same thing when I bought a boat so I know how you feel.

    I've been in customer service my whole career and do my best to provide the best service I can. I know that we do cause nowhere I go do I even get close to the service that me or my team provide, So when something like this comes up I take it very personal. You want to call the BBB for what, you didnt buy the bike from us or have the service done here, so what did we do wrong is my question.

    I think talking gets people a lot further in solving a issue then slaming them online so if you would like to call me we can talk about your bike and see what will make everyone happy.
  13. Per your service staff, the harness was replaced in November, 2010.

    Warranty Status
    Vin: JKAKLEE1X9DA24758
    Your warranty expired on 04/22/2011.
    No outstanding recalls for this unit.
  14. Also, this is the email I sent to your general manager. This was after both I and the prior owner got no useful response from your staff. I did not receive an email response to either email I sent (to service and management).

    Hi Dave,

    Since I haven't received any response to the photos I emailed to your service department, I figured I'd share this information with you.

    Additionally, you should be aware of the kind of responses I've received within a discussion group I belong to when I explained what had happened with the KLR.

    "Ive bought over 15 bikes from Power over the last 10 years. Last year they lost my business for good..."

    "Wow, yeah everytime i have gone there i get treated like shit! I had them order a recall part for my r1 (cam chain tensioner) because mine was about ready to blow. Rode it there, they checked it, told me mine was fine and i didn't need it, and that the sweet grinding noise i hear on startup is ok. I was quite vocal and pissed off, they still didn't replace it. Had to buy my own ape cct. they suck dong"

    I have another friend who purchased a KTM950 Adventure from your dealership and had some very negative things to say about the experience.

    Given my professional experience over the last 2 decades, I feel safe in commenting that in an ever-tightening economy and with the level of interconnectedness which is common in the motorcycle community, it is as critical as ever to be receptive to your customers, or in my case, a potential customer and proponent for your dealership. I understand that you cannot make every customer happy, but you should attempt to recognize opportunities to gain customers or to retain existing ones.

    In all fairness to you, I fully understand that your shop is not obligated to help me. The KLR in question was not my motorcycle when your dealership serviced it. That said, for a 2nd wiring harness to become damaged after 11 months and 3800 miles (63xx total miles) tends to point to a hastily performed installation in my opinion, especially in light of the service bulletin/recall for this issue on the 2008 and early 2009 models (later years are affected also, but Kawasaki does not recognize it). It is my feeling that when there are known causes of damage due to harness routing and sharp locations on the 2nd Generation KLR frame, the service department performing a warranty replacement should be doubly careful to prevent a recurrence. To do any less is is a disservice to your customers and could be a source of liability.

    Most importantly, I did not insist on free service or a free part, nor did I ask your dealership to admit fault. I did ask if your dealership was willing to consider performing the repair/replacement as a goodwill gesture, but when that was declined I only asked for a new harness at-cost . This request was also declined and I was offered the part at ~35% mark-up ($275). For reference, the harness can be ordered from for $255.00. In light of the prior warranty service work performed at your dealership, I found the counter-offer disappointing to say the least.

    For more information on the KLR wiring issues, please refer to the following resources:

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  15. Thanks for sharing your experience. I must say that the post by KTMSTUNTMAN really made me not want to support this dealer. You did the work you, admitted you did the work, you did a shitty job, and your response is "you didn't buy the bike from us." Fucking lame.
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  16. Mic

    Mic Retired

    The work was a manufacture recall, so status of the warranty would have no bearing on this, and the dealer would be responsible for the proper installation regardless if the vehicle has transferred owners.

    Get everything you can in writing from them, and go to the State, they have vehicle service laws in place for this exact thing.

    KHI would not be liable for this. As they provided the replacement upgraded harness. The liability falls on the dealer for not properly installing the item properly.

    Also, make sure you send this in with it:

    Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s):
    KAWASAKI / KL650E 2008-2009

    Manufacturer: KAWASAKI MOTORS CORP., U.S.A. Mfr's Report Date: FEB 19, 2009

    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 09V062000 N/A

    NHTSA Action Number: N/A


    Potential Number of Units Affected:




  17. I don't think you really understand WHY he is upset. A service was done improperly at your shop, showing TRUE workmanship of your staff. One of those "do it right the first time" issues.

    Just because its owned by another individual, does that mean you don't stand behind your work?

    If you value your business, fix it, say sorry and hope they come back, these are your customers you are talking about.
  18. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore


    spelled right or not i could care less.
    take note of MIC's post....
  19. Here's the catch - the VIN for the bike I bought was outside the recall range. The replacement for the original harness was done because of a short in the harness which occurred when the owner turned on the high beam.
  20. Still, there is a lack of quality in the work that they did to the bike and they don't want to address that issue.
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