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Power Yamaha

Discussion in 'Salem' started by Dmendenhall23, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Went to get the bike serviced today, and decided that I would go to Power Yamaha because it's closer to my house.

    Every single person I met that was working there had a smile on, and was very helpful. Actually ended up walking out with a new riding jacket! So if anyone is wondering how the service was, I would suggest going! Great people, fast servicing on my bike, and a nice selection of riding gear, and motorcycles!
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  2. Power Yamaha is a great place. I'll buy all my bikes from them. My connie is from there.

  3. Their prices are the best in the area, they love to let you do a demo ride, and they blow through a bunch of bikes quickly so the inventory is good. Only bad side is they store bikes outside in the rain/sun/whatever because they don't have enough space inside.
  4. I have to be careful in that place. My bro and I went to check out a Suzuki they had posted on CL and I ended up with a Nomad and he ended up with a VStar!
  5. That brought a laugh! Thanks! I laugh because I have done the exact same thing...
  6. Bought a bike there, good people and good inventory
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