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Pre TNC New Rider's Ride is back! Tuesday Aug 7, 5:30 / 6:30 roll

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Clay G, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. NEW RIDER'S RIDE means this is going to be a safely paced ride. Rider's new to group rides are welcome. If you prefer to 'wick it up' on your riding adventures, please go to the other Pre-TNC ride, this gathering and ride are designed for those that are relatively new to riding.

    There will be about an hour of pre-ride discussion covering: Survival Reactions and how to avoid them; Throttle rule #1 and how it applies to safe riding on the streets; ergonomics, body position, line selection... we could go on forever!

    This is designed to get folks thinking about the most common thing that puts riders on the ground and how to prevent it from happening to you (Rider induced crashes).

    This is a new meeting place, and a new route.

    Meet up at 5:30 HERE - Threat Dynamics in Tualatin. Meeting here for several reasons: Ryan and Threat Dynamics is awesome! Potential future parking lot practice spot! Cool roads!!

    If there are folks that would like to meet over on this side and are interested in a cool route back to west side for Ava's and / or if someone is interested in leading a faster group from the same meeting point, please PM me and we can work it out.This is the route that I plan to take...
  2. Sweet, I'm in Clay.

    Got new bars on my bike yesterday, much better now.

  3. Everyone -

    Want to promote this a bit: Threat Dynamics is a great spot and I hope to work with Ryan to secure some time of discount for those attending, or in some way with PNWR.

    So - those that are slightly interested, please come on out!

    I plan to have a couple folks that are familiar with that neck of the woods arrive around 5:30 so I can provide maps and let them lead a 'normal' paced ride over to TNC - anyone interested? get me through Facebook, or if you have my number - text me (late Tuesday afternoon please).

    As far as the actual ride I am leading: it will be a slow, new rider, paced ride. Intention is to ease newer riders into group riding and help them practice a few KEY skills that will help them relax and survive on the streets.

    ***If you are not able to maintain a relatively slow, controlled pace for over an hour, please do not join us on the actual ride*** When fast, eager (and I'll even say studly) riders join a ride like this, sometimes the results are a bit painful to almost everyone except that studly rider that is causing everyone else frustration and annoyance (or worse).

    Thanks everyone for the support!

    See you guys tonight!
  4. Awesome ride tonight!

    Wan to thank everyone for all help, words of wisdom, and the fun!! Tomorrow- sylvan!!

  5. Fantastic ride tonight! Thanks for sharing your time, expertise and words of wisdom with us, Clay. Nice folks, fun ride, pleasure to meet you all.
  6. Great ride! Was fun to see some old faces and meet some new folks at TNC too.

    And as always, big thanks to you Clay.
  7. I learned a lot! This whole damn thing depends on confidence (without being over-confident) and after I started telling myself out loud to do things it got a whole lot easier.
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