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product review: gta: san andreas

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by jezterr, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    holy crap this game is HUGE. there are so many things you can do it's ridiculous. if you were impressed by the previous games, this game will blow your mind. seriously, you can do a hundred more things that you can do before like sneak attacks, playing pool, gambling, play basketball, SWIM (very handy), jump over tall walls... i can't even begin. the interactivity is crazy. you have to watch your weight, keep yourself looking good by changing clothes, working out, eating right - imagine a gta/the sims hybrid (you even go on dates). and the people react accordingly to how you look and even make opinions about you based on the car you just got out of, what haircut you've got - ridiculous, i tell you.

    the beginning map - which isn't even a quarter of the entire state - is larger than vice city. there's train tunnels, aqueducts, huge elevation changes - there's a mountain somewhere in the game... so far i've seen mockups of san francisco, hollywood, venice beach - even mulholland drive.

    there are so many different vehicles (and bikes!) that i can't keep track. side missions are endless - forget hidden packages and rampages, those were pennies compared to what san andreas has you do.

    i could keep going on and on and on and just describe all the kinds of crap you can do, but that'll take me as long as it'll take me to finish the game - which is forever. i just wanted to share my awe as to how far video games have come from pong to gta: san andreas. ridiculous, i say.
  2. wait till ya see the video jezterr and i made hehe...i'll post it up soon.