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Question about WA Speeding Ticket

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by skang, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. to make it short,

    i got a speeding ticket in motorcycle, on the paper "vehicle type"(style) it says tractor trailer.

    it should say mororcycle or 2wheels? so i think he made an mistake on that part.

    do i have chance to drop the ticket when i told that to the judge?

    any input might help, thanks.
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  2. Call

    He's a local rider, racer and will take care of any traffic ticket. You won't save money, but you will save your record.
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  3. i am in Vancouver,wa. but thanks.

    i decided to hire local attorney and he has great reviews. it's worth a fight.

    so depressed....haha....

    we will see how it goes.
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  4. No. Waste of money hiring an attorney. They won't drop the ticket due to a clerical error.

    Defer it or just pay it. Anything else is just dumb
  5. It is worth it to lawyer up everytime.
  6., it's not. Like at all. Maybe for you WAAAAA!shingtonians overreacting about a speeding ticket YOU EARNED. Chock it up to the fuckin game and move on bro. I've gotten only 1 ticket in my 7+ years of spirited riding... and I didn't deserve it 100%, at least 65-70%, but not 100%... Did I whine and cry to the policewoman about how the cager cut me off or was on their phone? NO, BECAUSE THEY DONT FUCKING CARE. Told her I didn't need a lecture, I'm out of driving schools, and have no points on my license yet. Write the damn ticket, don't keep me waiting, I got riding to do.

    If you were speeding, you were speeding. Since you were on your bike I can almost guarantee you were doing at least 10 over.

    Lawyering up over a clerical error... lol. Typical WAAAA!!!!shingtonian. Get a brain dude and grow a pair.

    Maybe up here with everyone being such a libcuck you can whine and complain to the judge about your feelings and they might cut you a break... but normally they don't care about the circumstances. If you were speeding, you were speeding, you were speeding. No other way around it.

    If you are confident you WEREN'T speeding, then by all means, challenge it. Otherwise if you're gonna speed do it where there isn't somebody watching you with a radar.

    It's never worth it to lawyer up over a fucking traffic TICKET. I almost feel sorry for you that you honestly feel that way because it gives me a real idea of how you think off the bike, too. Defer it, take 4 hour driving school, pay it... truly fight it if you're innocent and can prove it.

    OP wants to challenge his ticket because the cop fatfingered a key on his laptop. There's no way they'll throw it out. Period. Your lawyer says the case looks good to him because he wants your money, idiot.

    I hate the mentality of this state. Can't wait to leave. Less than 2 months and I'll be back to daily rides, enjoyable weather, women under 150LBS, and no crybullies or methheads. Glorious.

    Good luck with your ticket there bud. Hopefully you realize that it's gonna be worth it to just chock it up and move on with your life. I take tickets with a grain of salt because I get caught for doing little stupid shit like rolling a stop sign or going a little too fast... you know why I just pay it and move on? Because I've never been caught riding under the influence or carrying something I shouldn't have been, or doing something REALLY dumb like floating a 3rd gear pinner down the road.

    Chock it up, grow a sack, move on.
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  7. Hey Skang, simple question. All I need is a yes or no...

    Were you speeding?

    I talked to my friend who's an LEO and he said you'd lose that case if you brought it to court... if all the information on the ticket is correct (meaning DL#, name, etc) it doesn't matter what the rest of it says. He could have written you were caught on Air Force 1 and you'd still get the ticket.

    If you still feel the need to waste your money and lawyer up (because it's ALWAYS worth it right) keep us posted and let us know how much it cost to lose
  8. Not quiet sure about that, but you can have a try.
  9. If you were speeding, pay the fine and get on with life. Actions have consequences and it was no one's fault but yours.

    If your ticket was in the Seattle area...forget about trying to use a technicality to get out of the fine. They need the money.

  10. Wow. Just wow. I don't think he is specifically thinking it will get dropped because of the error. I took it as two separate issues.
    No, you will not get off because of the error. Yes, you will 'probably' get it off your record by getting an attorney. There will still be some cost. I sat in a court one day and watched tickets being dealt with. EVERY person with a lawyer had the charge removed. EVERY person that did not it stayed. Depends on what it is worth to you as far as time and money to keep it off your record.
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  11. My first hand experience.

    Here in OR, I got a speeding ticket last September, I lawyered up, pleaded not guilty and got the ticked dropped by attending a "traffic course". No points on my license, no insurance hike and maintained my clean driving record. First thing my attorney did was check the ticket for accuracy. If there's an error you have a chance of getting it dropped.

    The choice is yours Skang. You can choose to play the game and take your chances with an attorney, or pay the ticket an move on. Either way your wallet will be lighter. Don't let anyone strong arm you or guilt you into a decision.

    Best of luck to you.
  12. Yes... it is worth it to lawyer up over a ticket. The potential increase in insurance alone makes it worth it. As far as the ones saying not to... I love it when they say that and when they get a ticket come posting about what lawyer should I use.